Galaxy S8 Screen Protector Full Coverage HD Ultra Safe Clear Anti Bubble Scratch – Reviews & Compare Deals

Galaxy S8 Screen Protector Full Coverage HD Ultra Safe Clear Anti Bubble Scratch – Reviews & Compare Deals
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The IQ Shield Galaxy S8 Screen Protector includes our proprietary screen protector, installation tray or spray solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and intuitive installation instructions; Innovative LIQuidSkin adhesive coupled with our unique IQ Shield wet-install method ensures easy, bubble-free and frustration free installation that will leave the film perfectly contoured to any device; Unlike other common screen protectors, IQ Shield LIQuidSkin protectors are crafted using a revolutionary process that melds high response sensitivity, self healing durability, and non-yellowing, optical transparency into a single layer of flexible yet tough film; Classified as a “smart film” and optically transparent once applied, the LIQuidSkin line seamlessly merges mobile protection and user interactivity into a single enjoyable experience; Every Screen Protector for Galaxy S8 (2-Pack, Case Friendly Updated Version) is backed by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Galaxy S8 5.8 inch (2017)(2-Pack)(Case Friendly)(Updated Version) Anti-Bubble Clear Film

IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Galaxy S8 5.8 inch (2017)(2-Pack)(Case Friendly)(Updated Version)...

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$7.85 2 new from $7.85 3 used from $7.22 as of January 14, 2020 8:33 am
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  • The IQ Shield Screen Protector compatible with Galaxy S8 includes our proprietary screen...
  • Innovative adhesive coupled with our unique application method ensures easy, bubble-less and...
  • Unlike other common screen protectors, IQ Shield protectors are crafted using a revolutionary...
  • Classified as a “smart film” and transparent once applied, the IQ Shield seamlessly merges mobile...
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IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Galaxy S8 5.8 inch (2017)(2-Pack)(Case Friendly)(Updated Version) Anti-Bubble Clear Film

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IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Galaxy S8 5.8 inch (2017)(2-Pack)(Case Friendly)(Updated Version) Anti-Bubble Clear Film, IQShield

Price: $7.85 as of January 14, 2020 8:33 am  
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  1. This looks like it would have been a great screen protector. Unfortunately, when inserting my fingernail under the protective film to pry it off the backing material, it bent the film down and around, causing it to stick on itself and then completely deform when I tried to pull it off of itself. The same thing happened to the second screen protector, leaving me with none to put on my phone. Other reviews have recommended using tweezers to peel the film off the backing material. I wish I would have done that. Assuming you don’t ruin the film trying to peel it off, it looks like it would have been good screen protector.[UPDATE] The seller offered to send me two new screen protectors after my first two were messed up during installation. Top notch customer service. The second time around, I used tweezers and the protective film come off the backing just fine, without sticking to itself. It went onto my phone without any problems and looks great. Extremely satisfied with the customer support and the final working product.

  2. This is an excellent screen protector. I bought a tempered glass screen protector at the same time I purchased my new phone but I returned it because of negative reviews and the fact that only the sides have adhesive. I then spent many hours online searching for a good screen protector. While researching all the available tempered glass and hard “plastic” screen protectors I determined that most of the negative reviews were justified, mostly because of the easy shattering of the curved, tempered glass screen protector and/or the phone’s screen itself, and the “floating” of the curved tempered glass and plastic screen protector when using hard cases, due to the fact that most curved, tempered glass screen protectors have adhesive only on the edges. I don’t use a hard case for any of my cellphones so the problem of flexible and rigid screen protectors lifting where the hard case makes contact with the phone was not an issue for me. I disregarded the negative “lifting” reviews. I finally decided to go with a flexible screen protector.I’ve used most of the better flexible screen protectors, including IQ, in the past and have, for the most part, been pleased with all of them. However, after spending many more hours online researching only flexible screen protectors I finally made the decision to purchase the IQ Shield. I went with IQ because of my phone’s curved edges and the simplicity of the IQ Shield application.The exact placement of the screen protector was crucial for me as I normally won’t put up with imperfections in my work, the work of others and the product itself. It was also easy because of the ability to move the screen protector after placing it on the phone. I had no problems with getting the curved sides to adhere to and stay on the screen. This IQ Shield screen protector is so exact that it aligned perfectly with everything on the screen and where it ends on the sides of the phone and I mean EXACT. If you want a quick and flawless placement of the IQ Shield screen protector WATCH THE VIDEO. It’s crucial to the application that you wash your hands and use the proper amount of the spray. Was my application perfect? No, it was not, because for some reason I can never remove and keep out every single particle of dust. I would probably have the same problem with hard, curved screen protectors. It’s an imperfection I’ve learned to live with, although it isn’t noticeable to anyone unless I specifically point it out and move the phone close to their faces.As far as sensitivity goes, I noticed an improvement when swiping the screen. I don’t know why this would be but that’s what happened in my case. How the swiping of a screen can be improved by adding a screen protector is beyond me and something I don’t understand. I noticed no difference when tapping. I haven’t noticed any glare coming from the screen protector, even though the surface of the screen protector is smooth. Reflections yes, but no glare. The colors on the screen seem to have actually improved, but that could simply be the way my eyes see things or it could be that I subconsciously prefer the screen protector’s rendered colors. Of course, it could also be the Bud Light. In all seriousness I can’t think of a single negative attribute concerning the IQ Shield screen protector and no, I don’t sell IQ Shield products or work for IQ Shield. I simply call the shots as I see them.I do have a serious problem concerning my new S8 and it relates to swivel holsters and soft cases. I can’t find a form fitting leather swivel holster for the S8. I think a majority of cell phone owners use a hard case on their phones, either a hard half case or a case that encompasses the entire phone. It seems that the makers of leather cases have revised their products so that they fit these cell phones with hard cases by making them larger, which leaves those of us that prefer form fitting leather cases and holsters out of luck. I’ve spent hours searching for a good leather swivel holster but every one of them is about an inch to an inch and a half too long and and an inch too wide. I’m not satisfied with the one I did buy, which is the smallest one I could find, because it’s larger than necessary for my S8 with no hard case. It’s like having my S8 in a piece of carry-on luggage attached to my belt. I’ll probably have to go to a leather shop or a shoe repair shop and have one made.Personally, I think this IQ Shield protector for the S8 is the way to go and I can honestly recommend it to everyone who wants a flexible screen protector that is easy to install and fits their screens perfectly.EDIT: Well, I decided to get a “Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S8 Case with Kickstand and Extreme Heavy Duty Protection and Air Cushion Technology for Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017)” for my new phone. This screen protector is not compatible with the Spigen case. The case pushes up the edges of the screen protector. I ordered a compatible Spigen screen protector. This does not change my opinion of the IQ Shield screen protector and I stand by my review.

  3. I first bought a glass screen protector for my S8, because that it what I have used on previous phones. Let’s just say the S8 is a different animal, with its Infinity Screen. The curved screen presents a problem for glass screen protectors…it is nearly impossible for a company to exactly match the curvature of the S8 screen when producing its products (I’ve even heard Samsung screens vary by minute amounts between phones).So, the answer to this has been to produce the glass protectors with the adhesive around the edges only. From my experience, this presents two important problems. First, the adhesive is visible on the edges and just plain looks bad on the screen. Second, the lack of adhesive results in a tiny gap between the screen and protector. This significantly impairs touch sensitivity. I only used my glass screen protector until my IQ protector arrived, and then I swapped them out immediately!The IQ Shield protector is a “wet” install protector (definitely watch the instructional video first!). The wet install method allows you to make minor adjustments easily after applying and before it dries. This is great to make sure to get exactly the right alignment. On that note, I am able to use a UAG case easily, without bothering the screen protector at all. And, probably most importantly, this protector is essentially invisible! The edge of the protector goes right to the edge of the screen, so there is no line in the viewing area.And, lastly, I had absolutely no trouble getting the protector to adhere around the curved edges… Just let the edges dry a minute or two after using the squeegee in the middle, because all of the moisture goes out the edges when you do that. Then hold the edges down for 15 seconds or so with your fingers, moving around the edges until they are all stuck. I let mine sit overnight and the few visible bubbles disappeared within about 12 hours.

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