Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack – Xbox 360 – Reviews & Compare Deals

Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack – Xbox 360 – Reviews & Compare Deals
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In Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, players will use real-world interactive Marvel figures to activate original storylines (Play Sets) in the virtual game worlds of some of Marvel's most popular franchises, including The Avengers. In the Play Sets - penned by award-winning Marvel comic writer Brian Michael Bendis - players will be able to take on the role of more than 20 Marvel characters including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye to battle enemies, complete challenging missions, solve puzzles and ultimately save the world from destruction. Featuring an enhanced Toy Box mode, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will introduce new structured, franchise-themed adventures that players can customize and play using any in-game character from across the Disney Infinity universe. Fans will also have hundreds of Marvel-themed items, locations, props and characters at their disposal to create their own stories or even re-create their favorite comic book...
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Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack - Xbox 360

Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack - Xbox 360

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9 new from $48.00 8 used from $29.88 as of February 10, 2020 4:47 pm
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Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack - Xbox 360

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Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack - Xbox 360, Disney INFINITY

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  1. If you have the portal from the last version of Disney Infinity, you don’t need this whole Starter Pack. The portal part number in this starter pack is the exact same part as the portal from the last Disney Infinity. You just need the new 2.0 game itself and the new figures. Save yourself some dough if you can and get the figures you want.

  2. My 11 year old son sold his Skylanders set to purchase this back in Sept. To date he has purchased every Marvel 2.0 figure, and also Dash Jack Sparrow and Mike Wazowski, and waits with bated breath for each new character. He enjoys playing with the figures and doing the missions, and just looking at the action figures. The graphics are nice and the dialog of each of the characters is entertaining.The missions are fun and he enjoys doing them. So far, I believe he has completed all of them (although I am not sure about the Avengers). While he enjoys the missions he wishes he could interchange the characters from other groups into the missions. Hulk can’t play in the Guardians of the Galaxy missions, and Groot can’t play in the Avengers missions. Part of the appeal of the Infinity set is the ability for different characters to interact with each other. Disney never mentioned this could only take place in the toy box.Speaking of the toy box, this is where my son spends most of his time these days. Within the toy box he can add whatever monsters he wants and have any hero battle them. He enjoys this, but wishes he could do this in the missions. The slow loading tim is also an issue. We almost always play two players and it can take 30+ seconds for the characters to load.There is so much more Disney could do to expand this set, and I hope they do. More missions, better interactivity between characters, and making sidekicks more customizable. Unfortunately, I have heard they are already working on the 3.0 system. This probably means that other than new characters not much will change in the game.

  3. The original MSRP was enough to keep me away for some time; it wasn’t until the price dropped to a very reasonable price that I was ready to jump into the water and see what it was all about. In a nutshell, what it does, it does well. What it doesn’t do is sometimes baffling. As a Disney product, many elements about it are top notch. The figures look great, they play very true to their characters and the pre-made game(s), activated by placing either the mini-game discs (Both Marvel mini-games are included, the highly interactive Asgard Tower defense game and the Guardians themed dungeon crawler), as well as the Avengers games are well done and provide several hours of entertainment. Then as add-ons (not included with this starter set), there are two other playsets, a spider-man one and a Guardians of the Galaxy set that each have their own multiple hour games that are just plug and play with this set. The games are fun, the characters have an authentic feel to them, and leveling them up isn’t that hard and rewarding. This may be faint praise, but it is in my opinion, the best Avengers game ever made. The funny thing is, that isn’t even the meat of the game. The Toy Box is the real heart of the game. Using currency earned in games, you purchase and go through tutorials in a total sandbox environment, building your own video game, or downloading games that others have made to enjoy for yourself; since you have 300 save slots for Toy Boxes, you can try and keep as many as you want, as well as making your own. There are some real incredible games out there for quick download, either in the game or via logging in online and searching and marking the ones you want for the next time you’re in your personal cloud save space. So, what’s the catch? The games are very oddly character restricted. Even the brand new Disney 2.0 Disney characters, Maleficent, Aladdin, and others can only play in the two add one games final stages. Avengers characters can only play in the Avengers games, not the Spider-man or Guardians playsets, and so forth with the spider-man and guardians characters. There are in game unlockables to allow two characters (Iron Man and Nova) to play in any of the playsets, while Hulk and Rocket Raccoon can both cross over into one other playset, but the rest of the characters are invalid. Why? I don’t know. So any idea you had of Maleficent taking on Loki for the defense of Avengers New York, Black Widow taking on Green Goblin in Spider-mans New York, or Thor taking on Ronin in Guardians Knowhere are in vain. This also means that those somewhat pricey extra characters that are for sale are selective; you have to make sure you only get any figure you’re interested in that plays in the same playset as the ones you have! Furthermore, certain downloaded Toy Box games are only for certain characters, so even some of them aren’t every character friendly. Had it been completely character friendly, even just within the Marvel Playsets, this would’ve felt like a much stronger entry. For the right price, it’s a very fun game that has a lot to offer. Build your own in game home that also teaches you game building mechanics, a free form sandbox environment in which you can literally make any type of game you want, from a top down adventure game in an Aztec temple to a race game in a fiery castle, to horror games with finding diary fragments, to even some really fun Age of Ultron themed fan made games, complete with cutscenes. Heck, there’s even re-creations of original Disney rides and the original theme park to have fun in! On top of that, there’s lots of little touches to enjoy, such as when you throw Thors Hammer, it hits the enemies more then once, not just on the way out, but on the way back as well, Iron Man has a special move where he spins around firing his wrist lasers as seen in the movies, and more. But why, oh why are the characters restricted? If the rumors are true (at this time), then the next Marvel pack – Age of Ultron with Hulkbuster Iron Man and Ultron won’t even be compatible with this playset and instead require 3.0 instead? It’s those things that hold back this good game experience from being a great one, along with the once very high entry price.

  4. This product is awesome! Fun for adults and children of any age! This is going to be a popular toy this christmas I know it! This starter set came with three avengers: Thor, Iron Man, and Black widow. Came with everything you need to play with on the Xbox 360. There are additional figures and items that you can buy to have more gaming options. High quality product for a really good price. My kids love to change the action figures. They can use their imagination and build things in a fantasy land and or fight bad guys. I highly recommend this item! I really enjoy playing the Disney Infinity! Love, love, love, it!Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack – Xbox 360

  5. We have both 2.0 and 3.0. My daughter and her best friend prefer 2.0, so we got this for her and her bros for Christmas. We are their new faves, hahaha. I really love to watch the kids play these games. They interact and help each other out and they love to share when they have found out something new. I love to watch them interacting while playing a video game! Makes it seem like they are not all bad!

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