Nokia 105 [2017] TA-1037 Dual-Band (850/1900) Factory Unlocked Mobile Phone Black no warranty (Black) – Reviews & Compare Deals

Nokia 105 [2017] TA-1037 Dual-Band (850/1900) Factory Unlocked Mobile Phone Black no warranty (Black) – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Factory Unlocked; 2G bands GSM 850 / 1900 (Not Europe); Display size 1.8 inches / LED Torch; Only For GSM Carriers (Not Verizon Sprint Net10 or any Cdma Carrier)
Nokia 105 [2017] TA-1037 Dual-Band (850/1900) Factory Unlocked Mobile Phone Black no warranty (Black)

Nokia 105 [2017] TA-1037 Dual-Band (850/1900) Factory Unlocked Mobile Phone Black no warranty (Black)

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8 new from $19.98 3 used from $16.00 as of June 15, 2018 11:18 pm
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  • Factory Unlocked
  • 2G bands GSM 850 / 1900 (Not Europe)
  • Display size 1.8 inches / LED Torch
  • Only For GSM Carriers (Not Verizon Sprint Net10 or any Cdma Carrier)
Wireless Phone Accessory
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  • EAN: 6438409605573
  • MPN: 25134
  • Model: TA-1037
  • Part Number: 25134
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Nokia 105 [2017] TA-1037 Dual-Band (850/1900) Factory Unlocked Mobile Phone Black no warranty (Black), Nokia

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  1. This phone works great on Ting, which is what I bought it for. It has text messaging and three games included. There’s no camera or web browser, which is fine by me. The phone calls sound loud and I haven’t received any complaints about how I sound.

  2. Let’s be clear here. This is not what I would even call a feature phone. This is a dumbphone, sometimes in every sense of the word. My 4 star rating is not to be compared to the best phone in the world, but to other “feature” or “dumb” phones. People purchasing this should be expecting to only receive phone calls and text messages (TEXT MESSAGES, NOT GIFS, IMAGES, ETC.) There is no browser, no camera, no bluetooth, no SD card expansion, no mp3 player (there is radio if headphones are connected). Let’s review those features.This phone works on GSM networks: so only T-Mobile, or one of the MVNOs that use their towers. This phone only supports 2G and there is some concern as to how much longer carriers will support it. AT&T stopped their 2G services at the beginning of 2017.For being a phone…it does pretty well. You can save contacts to either the phone or the sim card. The contacts are presented as an alphabetical list. Using T-mobile towers (US Mobile to be exact) the phone quality is ok. Remember that this isn’t capable of using HD Voice or compatible technology as that requires LTE.For text messaging….this is where is lacks. While I’m comfortable with using a numpad for typing texts, it requires too many extra key presses just to send a message. Example: you receive a text, you go through the menu to text messages, click to read text…there is no reply button. Instead you have to click Opt, then reply, then type reply, and then when you want to send…it asks you to confirm the number you are sending the message to. A small thing but instead of 2 clicks it is 5….for every reply….think about that.All in all I like the phone as it gets the job done with minimal cost and distraction. It can be good to do a detox from your smartphone, good as a backup phone for emergencies (30 day stand-by with 15 hour talk time!), good as a first phone for young kids, etc. I would say this is NOT a good phone for seniors unless they have decent vision, finger dexterity, and are pretty good with technology already. This is a small phone (a plus in my opinion) with small buttons and somewhat small font on a 1.8″ screen.

  3. i don’t know how nokia manages to make rubber in such a way that it feels worn in from the moment you pull their phones out of the package, but other than not having bubble buttons it feels like a lighter version of the phone i had in high school. coverage is pants in my area, but thats not the phones fault, and i knew that before i bought it.this phone will only operate on 2g GSM networks, and that basically means T-Mobile and it’s prepaid subsidiaries if you’re in the US. abroad this may be a different story, but as many people have already mentioned, this tech is on its way out and it would have been nice to see 3g support on a 2017 device. that said, this probably has a lot to do with the exceptionally low price point.

  4. This does technically work with Tmobile, but the service is terrible. It just keeps disconnecting and forget trying to talk to anyone on it. It would drop the call as soon as it was placed. We wanted to switch to the $3 monthly pay as you go, but this phone can’t handle it.

  5. I did away with my iPhone 6 Plus in April of 2017 and have been trying out a couple different “dumb” phones since then (an original Nokia 3310 from the early 2000s, the Punkt MP01, and now the 105). I have to say that I like the Nokia 105 the most of any I have used.The call quality is okay all-in-all (this has a lot to do with being on the almost-defunct 2G network provided to T-Mobile by AT&T) and I can hear conversations rather well even while walking down a busy city street with sirens/honking/yelling people. While on a call, I can pick up a certain tinny/hollow “echo” of sorts that, while distracting at first, actually helps me hear people better.Other reviewers have been complaining of the texting being lackluster. The T9 works adequately I think and there’s the option within the texting menu to switch languages (so stoked that French is included). While I appreciate that I can use this for texting moderately well, the point of having this phone for me is so that I text less. Thus the overall usability of this feature being a bit limited is the point for me. For a dumb phone with T9 (which is by its very nature harder to use than the interface of a smartphone), Nokia did an appreciable job.The battery life is wonderful since nothing on this phone makes me use it for more than calling or texting people. I have gone several days without charging while using it for many hour-long+ conversations and sporadic texting. It uses the universal micro-USB for charging. Should you be away from any source of power, a second battery can be had rather easily and changed by yourself.

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