Tenchu Z – Xbox 360 – Reviews & Compare Deals

Tenchu Z – Xbox 360 – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Tenchu Z returns you to ancient Japan as you master the secret arts of the Ninja. Take on 50 stealth ninja missions, as you build up your chosen character. You'll follow orders from Rikimaru, star of the previous Tenchu games, as you collect weapons and build Ninja skills. Patience and strategic thinking will pay off -- true Ninja mastery only comes with keen use of sound, sight and smell detection as you learn new moves and obtain new weapons. The new stealth kill system reward strategy and skill over the usual "run and gun" fighting. Also four-player cooperative play through Xbox Live.
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2 new from $94.99
33 used from $10.99
as of March 5, 2020 9:37 pm
Tenchu Z - Xbox 360

Tenchu Z - Xbox 360

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$94.99 2 new from $94.99 33 used from $10.99 as of March 5, 2020 9:37 pm
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  • Experience enhanced ninja play with the Ki meter
  • Enlist the help of fellow ninjas
  • Master the new stealth kill system
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Tenchu Z - Xbox 360

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  1. Tenchu finaly makes it to the next generation of gaming. Tenchu Z is the game Tenchu fans have been waiting for for about ten years, and it was worth the wait.Lets get this out of the way first, the story is a little thin granted, it’s not bad it just isn’t present for most of the game. Many of the levels have short typed intros like previous games in the series but the main story isn’t affected by most of these missions. The lack of a truly compelling story is disappointing but this game really shines in other departments. This is the longest Tenchu game yet with something like 51 levels, that is a hell of a lot better than only 10, but all of the levels are repeated several times with different enemy layouts so it’s not 51 ‘new’ levels but still it’s pretty great. Some of the levels are even old levels from the first game redone, which I thought was realy cool.The game plays just as you would expect it to and feels like Tenchu should. The controls fit the game well even though it’s a completely new layout for the series. The controller layout for Return from Darkness on XBOX was a little akward but everything works just fine with Z on XBOX 360. I would go on and list all of the abillites but if you’re like me you’ll want to discover them yourself. I will say the added abillities like peeking through shoji doors and stealth killing through them are awe inspiring the first time you do them. I don’t know if anyone has said it yet but most of what makes Z great was taken from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. This is not a bad thing at all in fact the first thing I thought of when I played Splinter Cell for the first time was ”It would be great if you could do stuff like that in Tenchu!”and what do you know, FROM SOFTWARE must have really listened to their fans on this one. There isn’t anything wrong with shared success in videogames, if someone perfects an aspect of a game why should everyone else try to reinvent the same aspect for themselves. For example Resident Evil 4 adopted the aiming camera from Splinter Cell, Gears of War adopted their camera and controls from Resident Evil 4 and Dark Sector adopted their controls from Gears of War, its a natural progression of the gaming industry.You realy get a feel of what it must have been like to be a Ninja, each level is your playground and your enemy’s graveyard. With all the abilities of a Ninja in your hands you do feel quite powerful, at least until you have to fight one of the three boss battles in the game. The bosses aren’t real hard but they do take an ungodly amount of punishment before they give up the ghost. Z has more of a focus on assassination than fighting so the boss battles in every other level are gone but you can fight if you want, you’ll even get a bonus for dueling your target.The boss battles are the weakest aspect of the game but as I said there are only three of them. The customization in the game however is very stong, with millions of outfit combos and a hundred ability combos it’s likely to be played differently by everyone. Most of the abilities are useful but some just don’t come in all that handy most of the time, like the sprint or ‘badger run’ it sounds cool but to use it requires a press of the same button used to cling to walls. Pressing this button while crouched will cling you to a wall while crouched but if ‘badger run’ is active it will cause you to slam your head into a wall alerting nearby enemies, thats bad but there realy isn’t a lot to complain about with this game. Games should be fun and Tenchu Z is almost too much fun.Tenchu Z is Tenchu at it’s best aside from a lacking story I’d say it’s the best they’ve done so far, I just hope they dont feel the need to stray to far from the success they’ve had with this one. Lets see some add-ons for Tenchu like we see withArmored Core FROM SOFTWARE come on.

  2. As a fan of the Tenchu series, I really loved the aspect of Tenchu Z that allowed me to create, well… ME. And my master was Rikimaru at that! Tenchu Z gives you the classic Tenchu gameplay, has good customization options available as well as a long mission tree. A must play for Tenchu fans, as well as ninja fans. It will also help the gamers out there that are lacking a good stealth game. Since stealth seems to be an endangered species in 2013. Thanks to run and gun Call of Duty games. Yeah, I said it.

  3. Despite a few flaws, this is one of the more enjoyable games out there on the Xbox 360. I agree with most of the complaints already voiced:AI isn’t really there.Repetitive.Constantly re-used locales.I will also add a few:The more interesting locales are locked out in system link.Frustratingly for a stealth game, you HAVE to kill extras in order to score in the game. If you manage to hit your objective without killing anyone or being seen — you lose and have to do the level over again. That’s seriously lame and possibly my biggest complaint against Tenchu Z.Nonetheless, overall the game was fun, and very much a departure from most of the other stuff out there. It’s really nice to have essentially an action game that is more than simple hack and slash, and actually requires you to work out tactics — and THEN let’s you go to it with the hack and slash…I’m also partial to games that feature “system-link” since it makes co-op an option if you’re not a fan of Xbox-Live.Overall, pretty well done.

  4. Pretty good game. I think other people would not call it the best game in the series but it executes it pretty solidly and put’s it’s own flair in the Tenchu universe. Level design is used over a tiny bit but it changes enemy placements and objectives to provide a different play though. This might seem like a bad thing but this is balanced out with a very robust set of skills and items to use. I find it very challenging to try and play through a level in different ways and with different items. Most people play it objective based but I play each level like a little sandbox. Though there is a set objective I use the level to try and see how many guards I can take out and still get a good score before I complete the main objective. It’s amazing how many ways there are to assassinate a patroling guard. Playing like this I find it has a lot of replay value especially with it’s character customization.

  5. Very good Shinobi stealth game with lots of customization. Bow skill and weapon pick up skill could have been better and I would have like to seedifferent body types in customization but those are minor gripes as this game is old by now and I’m getting it very late but I am enjoying the hell out of it very fun, if they make a new one I would like to see more melee weapons an updated control scheme to make the ninjas even easier to control, and more game save slots. I also would not mind if they brought back other fighting styles and characters from Wrath of Heaven and other Tenchu games for a dream Tenchu for next gen consoles.Again, I am so happy that someone had copy of this somewhere and was able to sell it to me. While most ninja game are lacking these days From Software’s and K2’s Tenchu Z is a must have.

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