AmazonBasics CL3 Rated (In-Wall Installation) HDMI Cable – 15 Feet – Reviews & Compare Deals

AmazonBasics CL3 Rated (In-Wall Installation) HDMI Cable – 15 Feet – Reviews & Compare Deals
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AmazonBasics CL3 Rated (In-Wall Installation) HDMI Cable - 15 Feet

AmazonBasics CL3 Rated (In-Wall Installation) HDMI Cable - 15 Feet

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1 new from $9.99 3 used from $8.49 as of July 16, 2018 2:38 pm
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  • CL3 Rated for in-wall installations; made with low-smoke materials to resist fire
  • Connects Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox one, Xbox 360, computers and other...
  • Cable allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a...
  • Meets the latest HDMI standards (4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth) that supports...
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AmazonBasics brings you everyday items at a great value. An Amazon Brand.

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AmazonBasics CL3 Rated (In-Wall Installation) HDMI Cable - 15 Feet

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AmazonBasics CL3 Rated (In-Wall Installation) HDMI Cable - 15 Feet, AmazonBasics

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  1. When it comes to cabling in general, it’s a good idea to stay away from the hype-mongers that want to sell you cables with all sorts of “attributes” for large amounts of money. In the past, I’ve had very good luck with AmazonBasics products overall and I’ve also purchased a few of their cables and have been quite satisfied.If you are just looking for a long cable to connect your 1080p HDTV to a Blu-ray player, game console, or other device, this 25-foot HDMI cable will do a fine job. However, if you are searching for a more high-end application, such as connecting a computer to a 4K TV/monitor, this is not the cable to buy.Much like a 50 foot long Bluerigger cable that I’ve had for a few years, this is a low-priced cable that just works (when connecting a Blu-ray player to a 1080p projector or TV). The fact that it’s CL3-rated means that you can run it through your walls and not run afoul of building codes (check your local building codes to see what applies in your area) and the cable won’t turn into a fuse in a fire. 1080p is relatively low speed and I’ve not run into a cable that couldn’t do the job, but I also don’t go for the dollar specials from companies with no name. While copper is copper, there is still something to be said for decent connectors, and unlike speaker wire, HDMI has to deal with crosstalk and other issues that too much corner-cutting can impact. I am very confident that this cable would work fine in most if not all 1080p applications. I never once had an issue in my testing at that resolution.If you’re looking at 4K, however, you need to start paying closer attention to certifications and cable/connector construction. Higher resolution requires more speed. So do higher refresh rates. So if you’re running 4K at 60 Hz for an application, that’s going to require more speed to go through a cable than a 1080p signal at 30 Hz. To connect a PC to a 4K TV to use as a monitor for gaming or productivity, you’re also going to want to be able to do 4:4:4 chroma for the best picture quality (google for more info on that).To run 4K at 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma, you need a cable that can handle 18 Gbps speeds, and not all cables can do that. The longer the cable, the harder it is to attain that speed, so getting a 25 foot cable to do that successfully is going to be a challenge, even for the non-generic manufacturers. On the product information for this cable, it says that it can do up to 18 Gbps, so that might lead you to believe that it’s possible.In my testing, this cable could achieve 4K and 4:4:4 chroma, but only at 30 Hz without errors. The first cable I received was capable of doing 50-60 Hz, but with sparkles in the video and static in the audio. Given my research into the topic, this wasn’t surprising, but since it was advertised to do so, I requested a replacement to see if it would perform better. Unfortunately, the replacement had less success, with random results of 1) video sparkles and audio static, and 2) no valid signal.As I said, this was no surprise. It’s quite a challenge to run 18 Gbps at lengths over 12 feet. I purchased a Mediabridge ULTRA Series HDMI Cable (15 Feet) – High-Speed Supports Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return [Newest Standard] and it couldn’t do anything better than 4K at 30 Hz at 4:4:4 chroma. Even dropping down to 4:2:2 couldn’t get a valid signal at speeds above 30 Hz, so this AmazonBasics cable that was 10 feet longer performed better in my testing.Variances do exist between the strength of the source device and the sensitivity of the receiving device, so what can work in one situation will not work in another. If you have equipment that is running up against the tolerances of the spec, and then use a cable that is also running up against the challenges of sending an 18 Gbps signal, you can run into issues. The next person with different equipment and/or a cable that was made on a different day or with a different batch of wire may succeed. This is why it’s important to buy high quality equipment when you’re stretching the boundaries of what current technology can do.With all the dubious marketing claims surrounding cables, the best you can do for yourself is to find a cable that has been certified as a “Premium Certified Cable” by the HDMI Licensing group. That certification will be done at each length of cable, so if you’re buying a 25-foot cable, it has to be certified at that length. A certification for a 10-foot cable doesn’t mean anything if you need 15 or 25 feet.I was able to find just such a cable. In my research, I found that Blue Jeans Cable is one of the first companies to get that certification, so I bought a 12-foot Series FE cable (the shortest length I could use for my application) directly from the company. Only later did I find that the sell their cables here on Amazon as well: BJC Series-FE Bonded-Pair High-Speed Premium HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 12 foot, Black It even came with a holographic sticker that could be scanned to verify its certification. Granted, its price was more than twice what the other cables cost, but I wanted to make sure that I could get a successful connection, and I did. If you’re looking for an 18 Gbps cable, don’t waste your time with lesser quality products, and get a certified cable to begin with.Will this cable work for a vast majority of people? Yes, most likely one would never have a problem with it, because even 4K media players (like the Amazon Fire TV) do not require an 18 Gbps connection speed. At least not yet. And that’s where you run into the issue of how to spend your money. Do you want to save money and face the possibility that you will need to replace the cable some time in the future, or do you want to spend more and not worry about it later? That answer will dictate whether this cable is the right purchase for you. My choice would be to spend the extra money and have the peace of mind that comes with it.A 3-star review seems a little harsh for a cable that will work for a vast majority of people, but it’s advertised as an 18 Gbps cable and it couldn’t attain that speed in my testing, even after trying two samples. I applaud Amazon for being so good about sending me a replacement cable and for taking the MediaBridge cable in return when it didn’t work, but this product did not perform as advertised, so I can’t give it more than a 3-star “It’s okay” rating. If it could have done 18 Gbps, I would have given it 5 stars for great performance at a great price.

  2. I wanted to have my desktop connected to the tv. This cable works perfect! I’ve had it almost a year and it still works like it did on day one. It still looks like it did the first day I received it to. It is easy to set up. It shows up instantly when you move it over. When you watch a movie it has the sound on the tv to. You have to set it up to do it. It’s a good price. I recommend it to anyone. I will buy again.

  3. I wish they made it more obvious that the connections are not the same. One end is specifically for SOURCE and one for TV.I’m writing this only after spending 15 minutes fishing this through a ceiling to a projector, and then spending 30 minutes troubleshooting why it would not work. I dismantled everything and pulled the cable back out, ready to return. Upon closer inspection, I saw the words SOURCE in black lettering, on black cable. Lo and behlod that was the issue.Just don’t make the same mistake I made after running a 50 ft cable. Otherwise, it’s working fine.FWIW I have not had a chance to test this on a 4k connection.

  4. I know sending a lot of data through a long HDMI cable is not easy. Most cables don’t have any problem with full 1080p full HD but at 25ft, few cables are capable of doing 4K. Coming into this fully aware of the challenge, I did not expect it to work for 4K signal transmission. But it really worked for 4K at 60fps. I know this is not one of those “certified” premium for 4K and it might be hit or miss. I was lucky.I tested it with the Samsung K8500 UHD blu-ray player. This player’s home screen is 4K 60fps and it worked fine. I popped in a couple of 4K blu-ray discs (most 4K blu-rays are 24fps so it’s a lot easier on HDMI cable) and it worked without any issue. I then tested with the Costa Rica 4K 60fps on youtube and it also worked. For every test, I pressed info button on my TV remote to see the input signal and confirmed the correct input resolution and frame rates.To sum it up, if you want to buy this cable to for 4K, go for it. It’s NOT guaranteed to work but there’s a good chance that it will. I worked for me. I guess I’m lucky but you can be too. If it doesn’t you can always return it.

  5. Although both ends are male hdmi you have to connect the end with the TV symbol to the tv and the other end to the source eg dvd. If you connect them the wrong way around nothing works. If you only discover this after you have fed the cable through a labyrinthine path of walls, it can really test your patience. A large STOP. READ THIS. label would have been nice. Or any label. Other than that all good.

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