XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition – Reviews & Compare Deals

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition – Reviews & Compare Deals
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From the makers of Sid Meier’s Civilization comes a game about civilization’s last stand. As the commander of an elite paramilitary organization known as XCOM, you control Earth’s defenses against a terrifying alien invasion. XCOM: Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition includes the Game of Year award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown, plus the critically-acclaimed expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, and all of the released add-on content packaged together for an incredible value.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition

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$9.99 $49.99 6 new from $9.99 3 used from $12.95 as of September 17, 2019 2:35 pm
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  • Includes XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Enemy Within, Elite Soldier Pack add-on content, Slingshot...
  • Strategic Base: Detect and intercept the alien threat as you build and expand your XCOM...
  • Tactical Combat: Direct your squad in fierce turn-based ground battles, engage in covert...
  • Research Alien Technology: Recruit scientists and engineers to unlock more advanced weapons,...
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition

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  1. Really enjoyable Xcom experience. They did a very good job of bringing up to date the old Xcom games. Xcom: Enemy Unknown is a good remake of the originals. Xcom: Enemy Within brings in some nice additions to the game. What detracts are some game design decisions that are a bit frustrating, such as times when you do not have sight on an enemy but he shoots you anyway, or you can’t shoot through a wall but they do and injure or kill one of your team. You can upgrade your original interceptors by not your landing craft to bring your team in. Your team members start out with ridiculously low stats. Really? You have this exception type of war all of a sudden forced upon you and you go in with a rookie team? Not Delta Force, not Rangers, not Seals, but rookies. I understand your not having the equal to their weapons, armor and such in the beginning and the need to research and develop to try and catch up, but rookies who can’t hit the broadside of barn, really?Even later when your team is well developed you can have the house size alien mech coming at you and you have a 90% or better chance to hit from you best people and they can’t hit it. Right.So saves are important because the game is designed to cheat in definite favor to the aliens no matter how late in the game it is.But don’t misunderstand the game is to quit good and enjoyable otherwise.

  2. I played the original ‘XCOM: UFO Defense’ game to DEATH back in 1994-95. So I’m really happy to finally be able to play this updated game (XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition) over 20 years later. Actually I would like to play it sooner, except that my old PC was not powerful enough to run the game.How is it different from the original UFO Defense game?As an old-timer, I can tell you the game play of new XCOM game remains faithful to the classic version. At 18.5GB, it is obviously a lot more polished than the old game that came on several floppy discs. The control is more streamlined and simplified for the better. For example, in the old game I have to constantly keep track of each soldier’s AP (action point), so that he/she can knee down and take a snap shot. In the new game there are two zones highlighted during movement. Move within the blue zone means your soldier can reserve enough AP for another shot. Move into the yellow zone and you can’t do anything more. Also your soldiers now take cover automatically depending on the surrounding objects.Just like the old version, this new game is highly addictive. Hours slip by as there is always just one more mission I have to take. Until I finally noticed birds singing outside – because it is already morning.So far after 4 weeks of intensive gaming, I have completed Enemy Unknown at standard level, followed by Enemy Within, also at standard level. By any measure, I have already got back more than my money’s worth, but this is not even the end. There are two more difficulty levels for me to conquer. After completing each game for the first time, I can access the Advanced Game Play options to make the second wave more challenging, or just add more randomness.Oh did I mention there is a Multiplayer option? I haven’t even looked into that yet…[Other Remarks]The opening menu gives you two selections:- XCOM: Enemy Within- XCOM: Enemy UnknownIt is important that you start with the SECOND choice (Enemy Unknown) first. After you have finished it, then you can restart the FIRST one. This is because ‘Enemy Within’ is not an add-on story arc, just a retold of the same story in ‘Enemy Unknown’ but with many additional features such as:- New resource to collect, which forces you to move faster in missions- New monsters and missions. Some are significantly more difficult.- New capabilities/enhancements for your soldiers- New research topics/weapons/facilities, etc.Therefore it would make no sense to play Enemy Within first.[Bugs]There were some infrequent crashing bugs observed. Sometimes at the startup screen, other times in the middle of a battle. Definitively you should save at the beginning of each battle – even if you don’t intend to cheat.

  3. This was slightly less expensive than buying the digital codes directly. Why? This had to be manufactured, printed, shipped across the country, and delivered by a team of humans. Why is that less expensive than a code on my computer screen?Xcom is a fun turn based strategy game in which you command a squad of humans against an invading alien menace. The game awards carefull preparation and you need to be very picky where your resources are spent. I’ve only played it on the PS3 but it seems like it would be a good PC title too.

  4. This is a Mom’s review -The M for mature is well deserved, but for a mature teenager, the dollar to fun/time spent ratio is excellent. My son is running this on an overclocked 5th gen Core i5 with a GTX 1050ti and 16gb ram and says it is snappy.

  5. Installer doesn’t work. I don’t know why people spend so much time and $ to create a computer game and then bungle the installer. I’m in an endless loop where Steam doesn’t recognize it. Steam doesn’t run on my machine now. It won’t reinstall. Had to reboot my computer to finally re-enter Steam part of the cycle.I’ve heard good things about this game – but what good is it if you can’t install it.Not a newbie – this is probably the 100th game I’ve downloaded to one of several computers.I did finally get it to work – but the install was a journey.

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