Verizon Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 – 3MP Camera, QWERTY, Touch Screen – CDMA Verizon/Page Plus – Metallic Black – Reviews & Compare Deals

Verizon Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 – 3MP Camera, QWERTY, Touch Screen – CDMA Verizon/Page Plus – Metallic Black – Reviews & Compare Deals
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This is a CDMA Samsung Brightside U380 cellular phone that was activated through Verizon and is also compatable with Page Plus.This is ONLY compatable with Verizon or Page Plus service.Its the phone and battery only with NO CHARGER.If used on Page Plus only standard talk and text features will work.Internet and picture messaging are not available if used on Page Plus. Its in good condition,is a used phone,was tested and works. *****PLEASE NOTE:If you are buying this phone for use on a carrier other than what this is listed for or for use outside of the United States please see the following: It is the BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY to check for compatibility on their carrier and understand what technology this phone uses.CDMA phones DO NOT use SIM cards.*****
Verizon Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 - 3MP Camera, QWERTY, Touch Screen - CDMA Verizon/Page Plus - Metallic Black

Verizon Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 - 3MP Camera, QWERTY, Touch Screen - CDMA Verizon/Page Plus - Metallic Black

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$230.00 1 new from $230.00 1 used from $79.00 as of October 26, 2018 2:21 am
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  • Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 Verizon Wireless Black, Clean ESN
Metallic Black
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Verizon Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 - 3MP Camera, QWERTY, Touch Screen - CDMA Verizon/Page Plus - Metallic Black

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Verizon Samsung Brightside SCH-U380 - 3MP Camera, QWERTY, Touch Screen - CDMA Verizon/Page Plus - Metallic Black, Samsung

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  1. If you don’t need a smart phone and you want a full keyboard and a touch screen, this is one of the best choices you have with Verizon. I’ve already had one of these for over 2 years. I ordered this new, exact same replacement because I dropped my original in the toilet. The things I didn’t like about the original were:I had to keep deleting older stuff from the calendar because it wouldn’t let me put anything new in it until I did (small memory in the calendar). If you enter any info in the Title, Company, or Notes on a contact, only the 1st letter can be capitalized. For some reason, you will probably drop this phone a lot. I’ve had several cell phones since 1990 and never had a problem with dropping them until I got this one. This is the 1st phone I can recall having with rounded corners so maybe that’s why it is dropped so much. It continued working well for over 2 years after being dropped so much until the last time. (They don’t like water.)Other than all that, its a great phone for not being a smart phone. (I ordered the rubberized case for this new one in case I continue dropping it.)

  2. Package arrived today as promised. However, I powered on the phone and slide the keyboard open. There was dirt all over the keyboard. Then as the phone finished powering on the front screen just started calling the voicemail…then hung up and opened the pics then called voicemail again. Mind you this all happened without me touching it. I did hit the end button several times and that didnt work I rebooted the photo and that didnt help. The front screen is a touch screen and that doesnt work either. Im finding it VERY HARD to believe someone even looked at this phone more before it shipped out.Please note that I would normally contact the seller and see if we could exchange it but they put no effort in “testing” the phone before they shipped it so I’ll save myself the time. I would like to them for offering me a free 4GB mico sd card but I simply can not leave you 5 stars.

  3. I’ve purchased this product before many times considering that wet water doesn’t do things that are eletronic justice. this is a feature phone and even thou has a lock button you don’t have a choice or a lock combination to set your phone to. All you need to do to unlock it is either a flick of the finger, keys, coins, even fuzzy pocket lint does the same thing. It’s a great cheap phone if you got the money, has a slot to put any amount sized micro sd car into it and have extra space to put jams to, photos, videos, and whatever consists of bytes. I’ve got a 16gb micro sd card and works great and don’t need much more then that. This cell phone however DOES NOT let you watch movies that you downloaded off the internet like itunes, windows media, or real player. I like because it’s smaller then an iphone but length wise but a bit larger width wise. I like but not the locking feature.

  4. I have got this same phone several times, I enjoy it. I love that it’s a slider. I am used to texting that way now, that I don’t ever use the touch screen texting. That’s the reason I get this same phone everytime. I wanted a basic (non-smart phone) touch screen cell phone. Easy to understand. I did give this 4 out of 5 stars, because, setting up wasn’t that great for me this time. It set up just fine at first and, I made a couple calls, sent a few texts. Then it all of a sudden stopped working!! So activated my old phone, and left this one alone for the night, then the next morning when I tried reactivating this one, it worked great, and I’ve had it for about a week, and has done great. The only thing is now, I’m having a hard time hearing with it, haven’t figured out how to turn earpiece volume up yet. (Might have to ask my tech savvy hubs for help with that). Other then the setting up making me a bit upset. I enjoy this phone!*reason I have got several of the same, and others quite working-I would keep it in my bra while doing chores on farm, and it got sweat on, stopped working right away). Had one phone that randomly started texting/calling people. And dropped one too many times, and quit working.*I will be taking better care of this one for sure! 😉

  5. i ordered this phone as a phone to just call and text. however when i tried turning on the phone the screen remained white. i pushed buttons and it made noise as if the phone was working but the screen remained white. i charged it and turned it on and off again but all to no avail. i was extremly disappointed and looking at most of the reviews this phone got it didnt work for most people either. i do not recommend this phone it does not work and costomer service is terrible as they will not get back to me to give me a new phone that works. TO ALL THOSE LOOKING INTO THIS PHONE DO NOT ORDER IT! eventually i just ordered a second phone thinking it was just phone that didnt work but yet the 2nd one wouldnt even turn on for me. i am done with this phone and this company. this phone is a disappointment to all and i warn everyone to stay far away as you can and consider a different phone such as the verizon stratosphere which is much better (it actuallly works!!) and has much better costumer service.

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