Pergear Heavy Duty Photography Camera Tripod Ball Head 360 Degree Fluid Rotation Tripod Ballhead – Reviews & Compare Deals

Pergear Heavy Duty Photography Camera Tripod Ball Head 360 Degree Fluid Rotation Tripod Ballhead – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Package Contains 1x Pergear TH3 Tripod Ballhead(3/8" screw hole)

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Pergear Heavy Duty Photography Camera Tripod Ball Head 360 Degree Fluid Rotation Tripod Ballhead

Pergear Heavy Duty Photography Camera Tripod Ball Head 360 Degree Fluid Rotation Tripod Ballhead

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2 new from $21.99 as of October 24, 2018 5:21 am
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  • 🌿 |Great Loading Capacity|: PERGEAR BallHead Weights Only 406g/14oz, but Provides...
  • 🌿 |360 Degree Swivel|: PERGEAR Ball Head Equips with 3 Knobs for Horizontal/Vertical/Side...
  • 🌿 |More Stable|: Pergear Tripod Ball Head is with Fine Tuning Damping to Protect Your...
  • 🌿 |More Precise|: Both Horizontal and Vertical Bubble Level to Enhance Perception of...
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Pergear Heavy Duty Photography Camera Tripod Ball Head 360 Degree Fluid Rotation Tripod Ballhead

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  1. Here’s the thing… Overall it’s a cheap alternative and thus far seems to be okay with one flaw… It fits only the Arca Type plate that comes with it. I’ve tried other Arca type plates and the jaws just do not open far enough. Luckily I had the foresight to purchase a secondary base plate with the additional luck that they did not weld or loctite the base plate to the ball. So, I simply removed their base plate and replaced it with the one I’m including in the link and the problem was solved. However, I should not have had to do that. The vendor needs to resolve this problem and make the correction for the jaws to open wide enough to accept standard plates. Finally I’ll mention I use the smaller mirrorless cameras so I’m not sure if this is up to the task for a heavier DSLR. Andoer Adapter Plate Square Clamp with Gradienter for Quick Release Plate for Tripod Ball Head Arca Swiss RRS Wimberley

  2. I have a small travel tripod that I have been using on several recent overseas trips. The ball head was OK but is getting worse; so I was looking for a replacement because the legs are still perfectly fine. I was going to buy a small ballhead from brands such Induro or Sirui. After checking the prices, I took a step back. I started looking for cheaper options and there were several.This Pergear is near the bottom in terms of price but not the cheapest but has decent reviews. Given the low price, I placed an order. It was delivered yesterday and I immediately replaced the old ball head. The ball is larger than the old one and so the whole head is larger; however, interestingly, it does not change much the tripod folded dimensions.In terms of performance, I am more than satisfied especially at this low asking price. Because of the larger ball diameter, it is more secure than the old ball head ever was. Panning is just as smooth as my much more expensive Induro ball head on my larger CF tripod (CT214); I was expecting worse based on previous reviews. The ball rotation, however, is not as smooth but not so bad to be a deal breaker. The clamp can accept Arca Swiss plates but the clamp opening is just a little smaller than standard. So, you can still easily slide the plate in; whether that is a deal breaker is subjective. I have a few AS clamps around, so I simply replace it with an AS compatible one.I highly recommend this ball head if you have a tight budget. I am not brand loyal. My acceptance criteria are strictly performance based.

  3. I bought this as an “I don’t care if I beat it up” head for a couple of applications. Because of the low price my expectations were equally low but I’m really surprised at how good it is. I’m using it with a Nikon D810 and while it’s definitely not sized for larger glass it handles a 70-200 (on the tripod foot of course) quite nicely. The ball lock is firm and the drags are good. The bubble levels are a nice touch (the one in the knob lock is clever). I was happy to see that the wedge plate does have a “catch” on it so if you don’t crank the quick release lock all the way down it won’t slide out (within limits that is). I have a Manfrotto 484RC2 and this is a WHOLE lot better (see photos for comparison…note: the magnetic base shown is not included…it’s something I added). At 1/3rd of the price vs. the Manfrotto it’s kind of hard to beat.I’m not a paid reviewer – I just order WAY too much stuff on Amazon. 🙂

  4. You always feel better about your purchase of an unknown product after you see others using it too in lots of DIY YouTube videos.OK, so it’s yet another non-standard QR-plate in your bag, but this is for projects, not your mainline rig. For a quick DIY universal quick-mount, this thing is great! It holds more solid than some of my more expensive name-brand ball-heads.Two things I have used it for so far were to position/hold a video camera clamped to a lighting truss on stage, and as a mount for my DIY barn-door tracker that I built for the total eclipse in August of this year (see photo). I will likely purchase more and leave them as permanent installations.

  5. Astonishing value for a simple but very robust feeling tripod head. The unit’s rotational drag, while very adjustable is still quite effective for smooth pan shots. I purchased this to provide a lightweight fluid rotational mount onto a slider and it has fulfilled this need very well.The unit is quite heavy for its size, in a good way, the knobs are rubberized and feel quite good and responsive. Overall, I really am surprised by the very low price of this solid little head.While this isn’t a complaint given the price, do note, there is no locking mechanism for the plate, merely a tighening mechanism. As such, caution should be used in order to ensure there are no accidents.

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