Crazepony Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with Props Removal Tool for Tiny Whoop Eachine E010 JJRC H36 Quadcopter – Reviews & Compare Deals

Crazepony Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with Props Removal Tool for Tiny Whoop Eachine E010 JJRC H36 Quadcopter – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with Props Removal Tool for Tiny Whoop Eachine E010 JJRC H36 QuadcopterDescription:Frame wheelbase: 67mmMaterial: PVCPropeller color: RedQuantity: 1pc quadcopter frame, 8pcs 4-leaf red propellers,2pcs Foam Battery Compartment Adaptors ( random color ) and1pcs Removal ToolUsage: for Tiny Whoop, Eachine E010 or JJRC H36--------------------------------------------------------Package Including1 * Micro Quadcopter Frame Black8 * 4-leaf red propellers 2 * Foam Battery Compartment Adaptors (random color) 1 * Props Removal Tool
Crazepony Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with Props Removal Tool for Tiny Whoop Eachine E010 JJRC H36 Quadcopter

Crazepony Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with Props Removal Tool for Tiny Whoop Eachine E010 JJRC H36 Quadcopter

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as of January 23, 2019 10:05 pm
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  • Suitable for Tiny Whoop,EACHINE E010 and other DIY micro quadcopter
  • Flight components will fit without modifications required
  • Frame wheelbase: 67mm, Frame weight: 5g
  • Including 1pc quadcopter frame, 8pcs 4-leaf red propellers, 2pcs Foam Battery Compartment...
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  • MPN: K154902D60M1281
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  • Part Number: K154902D60M1281
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Crazepony Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with Props Removal Tool for Tiny Whoop Eachine E010 JJRC H36 Quadcopter, Crazepony

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  1. Excellent upgrade! You know what they say. Once you go black…This frame is far more sturdy than the stock Inductrix frame and props. I never worry about crashes breaking the frame or motor support rods anymore. The props are also tighter on the motor axles, whereas the stock Inductrix props would often pop off their motors because they were not tight enough. I also love the wire routing management provided by the central motor support rods to keep the wires from getting in the props.There are a couple things new buyers should know about if buying this for their Inductrix tiny whoop.1) The flight control screw holes in the frame are spaced a tiny bit wide, but you can make them work, but only 3 of 4 corners will screw in. No problem here.2) The battery slot is fatter and shorter, but can pretty easily be modded to use standard 205mAh tiny whoop lipos. I recommend both cutting a hole so the 205mAh lipos can slide through the slot so they can be centered, and also using 1-sided tape/foam to pad the sides of the slot, both to protect the lipo from being scratched by the plastic and to keep it snugly secured in the double-wide slot. I feel better about this slot now than the Inductrix one, which was sometimes loose, letting the lipo slide around and affect handling.

  2. I just replaced my Inductrix FPV frame with this frame. It adds weight and the ducts and struts aren’t as well designed as those on the Inductrix. Mine barely flew with the stock motors probably due to the additional weight and the inefficient duct design. It works great with upgraded motors.

  3. I used this frame to replace the stock clear frame on the Inductrix FPV. Note that you can only use three screws to attach the flight controller, but it holds it just fine. The battery adapter that comes with it works great for allowing use of standard Inductrix/Tiny Whoop 1s batteries with only a simple modification to the frame (i.e. snipping off a small piece of plastic so the batteries slide all the way through). I haven’t broken a prop yet with this frame, so I haven’t had a chance to test the red props that came with it.Pros: This frame is much sturdier than the stock. I have flown it very aggressively and haven’t damaged it yet. The motor wire management is far superior on this design. The battery is actually easier to get in and out of this frame than the stock.Cons: It’s heavier than stock, so battery life is affected somewhat (but not terrible). Being black, you also see it more prominently in your FPV view and you can’t see the “low battery” blinking LED as easily behind the frame.

  4. This is by far one of the best Tiny aWhoop frames I have had the pleasure of using. What makes it so spectacular is a lot of things actually.Here are the pros:+ Comes with a set of props. (Have you seen the price on those tiny whoo props? man they are expensive.)+ It is extremely durable+ Hold spray paint for a custom, one of a kind tiny whoop+ The thing I appreciate the most is the gurantee that it comes with. If you were to break it contract the seller and they’ll help you. No questions asked. It’s very rare to see that these days.For Cons:I really tried and couldn’t find any.I would recommend this to any Tiny Whoop builder. I recommend owning more than one 😛

  5. ******Updated Review******After reviewing the first frame which did not sit level Crazypony contacted me the next day asking if I wanted a replacement frame. They sent the new one right away and I can now say that the first frame had a defect. The new frame sits level and works perfectly. When all of the parts are install the frame does feel a bit more solid than the inductrix frame. I purchased this frame because I wanted to get away from the 250mah lipos that have the jst-mcx 1.25 connector. These small connectors do not seem to handle the load and switched to 300mah 1s batteries that have the losi connector. This frame fits these batteries and works perfectly.I had also said that the motors were not starting correctly. This was not the fault of the frame I had to set the Min throttle setting on my Flight controller. The motors also work perfectly and I am now zipping around the house with the new frame.I would have given 5 stars but had to take one start because of the first frame issue. I feel the problem was with the packeting, I have to say Crazypony wrapped the frame and props very well but this was then put in a shipping bag and it’s possible that a heavier package could have been placed on top causing the frame to warp. I recommended to use a box and they are currently looking into the possibility of shipping the frames in a box.I have to give kudos to Crazypony to jump right in and offer to correct the issue quickly without me even asking!! You have to respect a company that cares about the products they sell and willing to make the customer happy!I would not have a problem buying from Crazypony again with this kind of service.******First Review******This is not a good frame. I was expecting this to be an upgrade to my Inductrix frame but it’s not! It seems flimsy and when you put it on the table it does not sit level. So at first, I was thinking once I get the Flight controller (FC) and motors in the frame this might force the frame to sit level. This is not the case and the frame does not sit level which is very important because when you start up your FC it needs to sit level so the FC can calibrate itself otherwise you will need trim to level out the flight. Even in BetaFlight, I can’t do a good calibration because the frame tilts so I am not sure which title is level.As for the props, I understand that the props need to be light (less weight=more flight time) but these props seem very flimsy to me but they did work.I had purchased motors from Crazypony for this quad and I am also noticing that one motor requires more throttle before it starts. Not sure if this is the fault of the motor or the frame not being level.I have purchased other stuff from Crazypony but this one leaves much to be desired. I can’t recommend this frame.

  6. I bought these for my Inductrix FPV Plus. They are a tight fit and make more noise then the OEM. I have one CW and one CCW that both fail to spin up when arming my quad and I only tested 4 of the 16 that I purchased. With more power they eventually spin up. I made the mistake of buying two sets of these. My loss…Update. The seller reached out to me and sent me 2 complete frame sets free for my trouble and they updated the listing to show these motors do not work with the Inductrix FPV Plus. Updated my rating to 5 stars for awesome customer service.

  7. Comparable to other 6×17 motors. They o indeed run fast and super hot on 1s. But that’s the point. If you want fast and long lasting try the sevens.

  8. First off, $15 is ultra cheap for two full sets of 8520 Motors. Second off, that is really really cheap when you consider how high of performance these are. These things do really really well with 55 and 65 mm props. Yes they do run a little bit hot, but they’re still quite efficient. I have 6 or 7 packs through my first set, and I already know I’m going to buy more of these. They aren’t the highest performing motors ever, but they do well and are a good balance between force and efficiency.UPDATE: it looks like I spoke too soon on these. After about 10 packs, three of the motors failed. They don’t spin freely, and they suck down juice. I’m no longer going to recommend these even at two sets for $15. It’s a darn shame, I really was hoping these would be more robustUPDATE 2: Crazypony reached out to me and had me send pics and vids. I did. They said they would work with me on a solution and then went silent. This is terrible.

  9. Solid brushed motors. They fly great and my 85mm frame. Such large whoops feel great in the air with a lot of momentum and potential. I’m hoping longevity will be as good as the performance!

  10. I was a bit concerned about the seemingly fragile wiring but it’s holding up to twisting and the motors have been working great despite the abuse of rough landings.

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