The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition – Reviews & Compare Deals

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Compared to the initial award winning PC release, the Xbox 360 edition will feature lots of new and exciting content. Additional hours of gameplay for the Xbox 360: New major adventures set in previously unseen locations, expanding the story and introducing new characters, mysteries and monsters. New Game Introduction and cinematic: All new animations and cut scenes, including a new, three and a half minute pre-rendered cinematic depicting the assassination of King Demavend of Aedirn. BAFTA Award winner and Academy Award nominee Tomasz Baginski brings this key historical event to life, setting the stage for the story told in The Witcher 2. Upgraded interface, designed specifically for the Xbox 360: Game camera and targeting have been redesigned for the Xbox, and with upgraded pad controls, players will now be able to experience fully The Witcher 2's spectacular and thrilling combat. Enhanced Edition content: GAME DVDs The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings game on 2 DVDs. WORLD MAP: A...

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10 new from $50.98
42 used from $9.85
as of January 3, 2019 3:04 pm
The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition

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$54.97 10 new from $50.98 42 used from $9.85 as of January 3, 2019 3:04 pm
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  • Sequel to the acclaimed 2007 PC RPG, The Witcher, now allows Xbox 360 play along as well
  • A complex, expansive and mature adventure with a non-linear story in which every decision may...
  • Experience and exceptionally realistic, vast game world, teeming with its own life and distinct...
  • Spectacular, dynamic, brutal combat system featuring numerous tactical options such as, real-time...
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The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings is a single player Role Playing Game (RPG), and sequel to the critically acclaimed 2007 PC game, The Witcher. Based on the short stories and novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, Assassins Of Kings continues the adventures of the Medieval monster hunter for hire, Geralt of Rivia. It is also the first game in The Witcher franchise to be released on Xbox 360. Game features include: hack n' slash and magical combat, a mature storyline, game development based on choices made during mission play and dialog chains, weapons variety, and graphics quality and control functionality on par with the PC release. In addition, the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings contains a variety of bonus items. See a complete list of these below. The Adventures of the White Wolf Continue After helping to stop the rebellion...

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  1. The Witcher 2 isn’t for everyone, but for a fairly large group of people, this could be one of their all time favorite RPG’s.Atmosphere: BEST EVER AWARD!The atmosphere in the Witcher 2 is fantasy with monsters, dragons, magic, and kings, but it is deeply rooted in folklore. In fact, it is so deeply rooted, that it feels like it’s a part of the old European Myths and Legends. From the dialogue, character actions, art direction, and construction of the buildings, this game smacks you over the head with authenticity. The characters aren’t burdened with today’s morality. They all get medieval. Guards get drunk and pee on the wall… Leaders will hang peasants just to make a point… Elder men talk about the local folklore and there are a few scenes that explain the story of The Witcher 1. Prostitutes, gamblers, and thugs are abundant as well…Story: 9/10The story is “Game of Thrones Complex” and there are many twists, meaningful choices, and unholy alliances you must make. Basically, Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher. He is a bounty hunter for vile creatures that lurk in the deep woods, or unholy things that have risen from graves. In a sense, he is also a Marshall, because he doesn’t go out and kill X Monster. He investigates the scene and decides what to do. Some creatures must be killed on site, while more intelligent or noble creatures can be reasoned with. Geralt isn’t burdened with a high sense of morality either. You do what you want and live with the consequences. There are many dialogue trees in the game and these greatly impact your quest. The first thing that I realized is that all of these choices are difficult to make. There is no GOOD / EVIL framework around them. Everything is in shades of grey. Sometimes, the payoff is instant, other times, you deal with the outcome hours later. What sets the Witcher 2’s story apart is that there’s no “God’s Eye View” of the Story. You’re in it, the entire time, at the ground level. So, things are happening in the world, but you only see pieces of the big picture. You need to pay attention… The story is told through Movies, in game cutscenes, and dialogue. Most of it is well acted, too.Gameplay: 8/10If you approach this like a hack and slash, you’re gonna have a bad day. This is a semi-open world game, where large areas are opened up to you as you progress through the story. You find a new town, talk to the locals, see what needs to be done, choose who you want to help, and complete quests. The game has a solid quest journal that marks spots on your map. There are also mini-games that involve arm wrestling, brawling, and 5 dice poker.Combat: 8/10This is not a hack and slash! If you charge into battle unprepared, you will die! In this game, you need to prepare before a battle. If you are hunting undead, you should mix potions, coat your silver sword with necrophage oil, and make small alchemical bombs. Being Prepared will make the battle 30% easier! A lot of people won’t want to do this.Geralt is armed with 2 swords. 1 iron for killing men. 1 silver for killing monsters. Geralt will use both swords quite a bit. Geralt also has potions, poisons, bombs, bear-like traps, and 5 useful spells: Stun, Direct Damage, Trap, Shield, and Make an Enemy fight on your side. You have a quick slash and a heavy slash. You can mix and match these in combat and the game will pick the best move depending on the distance. So if an enemy is in your face, pressing quick attack will quick-slash it. If it is 5 steps away, Geralt will do a lunging attack. This takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get it, it feels good. For defense, Rolling is your best option. You can block, parry, and repost, but when you fight multiple enemies, it’s better to be quick on your feet.Combat is difficult because there are NO HEALING POTIONS in Battle!!! That’s right. In an encounter, you must kill everything with your current health. Your health does regenerate at a very slow rate… but it’s not much. You really need to focus and keep your guard up!Graphics: 10/10The Art Direction, style of characters, buildings, props, monsters, are exceptional, and the technical art is very well done! It’s one of the better looking games on the 360!Sound: 9/10The combat effects are great, especially in surround sound, and the music is very good. I prefer the music in Witcher 1, but that’s one of my all time favorites (with Shadow of the Colossus).Replay Value: 7/10No Multiplayer, but you can play the game over and make different choices through the game. There are 4 difficulty levels, too. 1 Playthrough can take 20-50 hours, depending on how many side quests that you do.Maturity: M! This is the M-est game to date. Sex, Drinking, Gore, Swearing, Naked Women, Taverns, Brothels, Horror, Complex Plots, Torture… It’s on par with Game of Thrones!Overall: 9.5/10I loved this game. It’s not perfect, at times the story was a bit confusing, the combat took some getting used to, but the atmosphere won me over. And I really paid attention to every detail in the game. The combat, alchemy, story, character motivations… I came just short of living in the game… and it was a very rewarding experience! If you want to dive into a world and pay close attention, nothing beats Witcher 2. If you want a Hack and Slash that you pick up and play once in a while, then move along.Buy it if you love myths, legends, folklore, fantasy, etc…Buy it if you loved the first Witcher (the combat is much better!)Buy it if you love deep complex stories that unfold!Rent it if you have 25-50 hours to go through the campaign on Normal Mode.Avoid this game if you don’t like M rated stuff.Avoid this game if you like GOOD vs. EVIL. Everyone here is Grey.Avoid this game if you just want a fun hack and slash.If you like this game, I recommend the Elder Scrolls Series!

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    RJ the Great Cat Lover April 20, 2013 at 12:00 am

    The Witcher 2 is an excellent fantasy role playing game. I loved it! The graphics are very good. The main character’s skill profession training is interesting. He is mainly a swordsman, but he can throw daggers or bombs, uses toxic potions which he creates, can augment combat with select magic, (although he isn’t and shouldn’t be considered a mage,) and even set traps. Combat is both fun and challenging.The story is well told and captivating. Decisions you make slightly alter the story and impact the quests available to you. There is an easy crafting system and item upgrades are fun and frequent. Minor mutations can even be added to help. Some monsters drop trophies, and you can equip one for added benefits.I like the combat system. You may use a light or heavy attack. Blocking and dodging, as well as magic, bombs and traps, keeps battles fluid. Some opponents are better to attack with a light or heavy attack. Some battles make you really think about how to win.The Witcher 2 is not overly long to play, but it is not short, either. I really enjoyed this game.

  3. A few words.I wasn’t blown away by the prologue and the first 6 hours with the game… but man, the way this game world evolves around the choices you make are far more dramatic and intriguing than Fable 1,2 or 3 combined or even Mass Effect 1 & 2.* Minor Spoiler * Just by handing a sword to someone drastically changed the fate of a whole town. The pro’s and con’s of your actions are cool. 8+ hours into the game now and I’m starting to understand why people love this game so much.Now my review :Graphics: Those who have seen screen shots of this game… don’t get confused with the PC version like I did. Do your research. Menus are OKAY and clear. The first towns graphics aren’t nothing spectacular. The prologue you play through didn’t do much for me graphically. Especially when you escape this dungeon only to find an ugly looking harbor with your get away boat. It reminded me of Dragon age 2’s graphics, where some of it looks great and some of it looks like crap. The prologue itself… I though it was kinda boring. Trust me, it does get better. A lot better. After the first town consider yourself hooked.Gameplay: The combat is simple. I don’t know why people say it’s strategic. As strategic as any other good RPG game I would say. He has a few cool looking animations but does feel clunky at times. The weapons are cool and you can upgrade grade them, that’s a plus ! BUT… weld a dagger and notice he does the same exact motion and actually has the nerve to hold a tiny dagger with two hands like a moron. Watch him swing it over his head and laugh at how stupid it looks. They could has left these ” additional ” weapons out all together. But hey… you don’t have to equip them. There is stealth and it’s well done. The magic system is BLAH. Don’t expect Skyrim, Reckoning or Dragons Dogma magic here. The Witcher starts off with 6 spells and can upgrade them. I think that’s it as far as magic goes. Potions is kinda lame but useful when coating weapons. He has to meditate to swallow a vial of glowing stuff with the worry about it’s toxic value growing in his body. So you can’t take too much every time. I just don’t like how when an enemy pops up you can’t swallow that damn potion you created cause -HAHA HOW CAN THE WITCHER SWALLOW IT HE HAS TO MEDITATE AND HE CANT DO THAT WHILE FIGHTING. Also, I don’t like how your hero is positioned in the middle of the screen… but it does back up while in combat. These are minor complaints however. After you lay a few traps and upgrade a few weapons, spells and get in a fist fight you’ll forgive the lack of magic and other small things. Don’t forget to read books or else you’ll get your butt kicked by the games creatures. Study !Sound: Sound is top notch even though some of the monsters make sligtly annoying grows. Makes me wanna put them outta their misery “STFU” .

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