World War 3: Black Gold – PC – Reviews & Compare Deals

World War 3: Black Gold – PC – Reviews & Compare Deals
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The war to end all wars. Product Information Set in the very near future WWIII: Black Gold is what happens when modern day geo-political scenarios explode into military conflict.  Superpowers collide over "Black Gold - the Earth s oil resources and the player must wage war on a global scale.  Mayhem and chaos erupt as fear grips the world. Play as one of three military powers - USA Russia or Iraq. Engage is six extensive campaigns with 30 missions providing breathtaking cinematic cut scenes explaining the story and creating a unique atmosphere. The strategy masterminds behind Earth 2150 and The Moon Project - working closely with official military agencies - have create the all-too-real nightmare of a planet on the brink of destruction.  Your real-time strategic decisions determine the fate of planet earth using current day military technologies and weaponry.  Take control of either US Russian or Iraqi forces and oversee the most up-to-the-minute realistic real-time strategy...
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out of stock
4 new from $12.94
11 used from $3.75
as of December 5, 2018 8:13 am
World War 3: Black Gold - PC

World War 3: Black Gold - PC

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$12.94 4 new from $12.94 11 used from $3.75 as of December 5, 2018 8:13 am
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World War 3: Black Gold - PC

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World War 3: Black Gold - PC, JoWood Productions

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  1. This game just blows U out of ur mind, and as soon as U see the graphics u just wish U were one of the units palying in the game!The gameplay is addictive and the interface is easy to use for a real time world war game. U don’t have to take care of micromanagement as in the C&C series of AOE series, U just build oil rigs and pronto, money starts flowing…Units are really amazing and real life units rather that imaginary like the MAD tank… Each of the 3 groups (USA, Russia, Iraq) have unique capabilities like camouflage and chemical weapons etc…Really a nice game to play, Reality Pump have given us a game we always wanted!!!

  2. This is a great game with high quality graphics, and sound this is one of the best games of this year. One problem… NO INFANTRY! Otherwise this is a game that should be played over and over again.

  3. World War III: Black Gold is the only real time strategy game you need to own. The gameplay is entertaining and the graphic detail is top notch. If you love armor and helicopters this game is for you. The only drawback is the lack of infantry.If you were disappointed by Real War then World War III: Black Gold is the game for you.

  4. With war in Iraq looming, this game brings a very chilling sense of reality. With an oil crisis facing the world because of an Iraqi led embargo on the west, the United Nations security council grants the United States and Russia to invade Iraq and Azerbaijan. In this game you must build oil wells to create resource points. You then use these to build your vehicles, structures, bombers, and even nuclear bombs. With a variety of weaponry of today’s army (except infantry), you command American forces in invading Iraq, Russian forces in invading Ajerbaijan, and Iraqi forces trying to battle against the U.S. The only negative point which keeps it from getting 5 stars is that you have to speed the game up while developing weapons and technologies. Other than that, it’s excellent!

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    Ara Der Movsessian July 26, 2006 at 12:00 am

    World War 3: Black Gold combines realistic 3D graphics with inventive scenarios and real military units. You command a force representing one of three countries: the United States, Iraq, and Russia; all of which have unique abilities. The game is made even better by its editor, which allows you to create your own map on which to play. You can even play other WWIII fans via the Internet, though the community is considered by many to be dead. It is my opinion that the lack of infantry is irrelevant, as it would fall easy prey to the more powerful tanks, which are mostly immune (due to their heavy steel plating) to machine gun fire. This is truly one of the best real-time strategy games of its time, and I highly recommend it to all.

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