Swivl C Series Robot/SW3322-C1 – Reviews & Compare Deals

Swivl C Series Robot/SW3322-C1 – Reviews & Compare Deals
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$593.30 $599.00 Buy It Now
$593.30 $599.00
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Our most advanced, easy-to-use video capture solution for teachers and students. Our robot follows you with great audio. That much you know. But now it does so with professional quality audio, twice the speed of response, a simpler to use Lightning interface and the ability to connect and use up to four markers at once to expand your experience to students. Use up to 4 markers at once to gather 4 sources of audio and pinpoint who said what with Swivl Practice. Control the robot with any marker at the touch of a button to capture student interactions and presentations.

What I Used to Film edTPA: Swivl - edTPA the Easy Way

What I used to film edTPA Instruction Task 2- Want to know how actually filmed my video lesson for edTPA? In this video I share the exact way I did and tips for ...


AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2Nm1zG1 #swivl, #robot, #video Swivl C Series Robot SW3322-C1 CAPTURE VIDEO - Swivl follows you automatically while ...

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4 new from $593.30
3 used from $472.20
as of January 12, 2019 12:01 am
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Swivl C Series Robot/SW3322-C1

Swivl C Series Robot/SW3322-C1

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$593.30 $599.00

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4 new from $593.30 3 used from $472.20 as of January 12, 2019 12:01 am
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  • CLASSROOM AUDIO - Connect up to 5 Markers (microphones) to the Swivl base for recording or...
  • CAPTURE VIDEO - Swivl rotates to follow you automatically. At the same time the connected mobile...
  • SOFTWARE - Designed with Swivl cloud for seamless uploading, sharing, and collaborating around...
  • INCLUDES - Swivl C Series base, primary marker, carrying case, lanyard + clip, iOS and Android...
Satarii, Inc.
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Satarii, Inc.
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  • EAN: 0851972004189
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  • UPC: 851972004189
  • Model: SW3322-C1
  • Part Number: SW3322-C1
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Swivl C Series Robot/SW3322-C1

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Swivl C Series Robot/SW3322-C1, Satarii, Inc.

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  1. The new C Series robot is great! It’s much faster than gen2 and the audio quality is excellent. Students think it’s so cool too!!!Works great with the Expand LensSwivl Expand Lens | Wide-Angle Video Lens and Case for iPad

  2. TERRIBLE product. I bought this product to help me with teaching, and also to help my speech & debate students hone their public speaking skills. the problem with this it has a mind of its own. In the middle of a speech the thing turns around and faces the wall, shuts off, pans the ceiling, pants the floor. Anything but film the person who is wearing the tracker/mic so that they can be filmed. Terrible. terrible product. waste of money and time. now I’m stuck with the most expensive paper weight.

  3. I purchased a refurbished Swivel…..well it still does NOT work!

  4. Works great, it just has a little bit of a hard time tracking me.

  5. I now have two Swivls with markers that just don’t work. The markers don’t charge and the lights don’t come on and it doesn’t work and it comes with NO directions, so all of the directions need to be figured out on-line and there is no available customer service. All I can determine at this point is that it is definitely not user error and is a mechanical problem. I’ve narrowed it down by swapping components on both… not the base, not the charger…. the marker. I’ll have to return them both again. I don’t know if I’ll bother to start over. It’s a great idea, but wherever it is made — something isn’t made well. Another FYI is that even without the functioning marker, I tried to record anyway and ended up with a very important video with absolutely no sound. This is not idiot proof, does not have any readily available support and it apparently is not made well. One… it’s a fluke. Two…. it’s not designed well.

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