Naughty Bear Gold Edition – Playstation 3 – Reviews & Compare Deals

Naughty Bear Gold Edition – Playstation 3 – Reviews & Compare Deals
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10 used from $9.99
Last update was on: February 4, 2019 3:50 am

Action Hack and Slash Naughty Bear Gold edition returns with twice the playable content. New weapons, episodes, and new multiplayer modes.
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out of stock
7 new from $17.99
10 used from $9.99
as of February 4, 2019 3:50 am
Naughty Bear Gold Edition - Playstation 3

Naughty Bear Gold Edition - Playstation 3

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$17.99 7 new from $17.99 10 used from $9.99 as of February 4, 2019 3:50 am
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  • 3 New Episodes
  • 3 New Weapons and Kills
  • 12 New Costumes
  • 4 New Multiplayer Modes
Video Game
505 Games
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Special Edition
Hardware Platform
Playstation 3
505 Games
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Playstation 3
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PlayStation 3
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Video Games
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505 Games
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505 Games
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Naughty Bear Gold Edition - Playstation 3

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Naughty Bear Gold Edition - Playstation 3, 505 Games

Price: $17.99 out of stock as of February 4, 2019 3:50 am  
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  1. I bought this game as a gift for someone who really enjoyed the original game. They said that they liked it and played it frequently for several days. As I wrote, this game is not for everyone. If the idea of a cute stuffed Teddy bear actively hunting down and slaughtering fellow cute Teddy bears in cute settings offends you then don’t buy this game. It really isn’t for young children. It might not be for some older children either. Judge carefully.

  2. This game has a certain campy appeal to it. Basically it’s a hack-and-slash kind of game, a little stealth thrown in with the regular amount of trophies and awards, but without obvious levelling advantages. Completing challenges unlocks various “outfits” (hats and default weapons) that come with some enhanced stats. The world is not particularly extensive, and the strategy seems to be a little repetive (I’m at about 50% completion as I write this). The map is a bit limited – showing only very local terrain – and the positioning for special moves (ultra scare and ultra kill) can be a little finnicky. Furthermore some of the “insanity” challenges are a bit tedious as you have to scare the good bears multiple times before they become insane. The basic idea of the game has a fair amount of appeal, but it falls down just a bit on the execution. I rated 3 for fun and 4 overall because the medals and number of unlocks appeals to the completionist in me.

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    Cheers and Whatnot! March 21, 2014 at 12:00 am

    This rating has nothing to do with the shipping or company I received the game from. The game was new in the wrapping when I got it. However the game itself Is glitchy, freezing in the middle of missions and occasionally so badly that I have to completely restart my ps3. The missions are repetitive and occasionally dull, like a ‘no hit’ objective where if you hit one of the bears attacking you, you automatically fail the mission. Overall not quite what I was hoping for.

  4. I’d say the MINIMUM age for players of this game would be 13. You’re basically a serial-killer bear and murder your victims in myriad gruesome ways (although there isn’t blood – since they’re teddy bears the blood is replaced with stuffing). Naughty Bear is an outcast and not included in the other teddy bear’s activities (gee, I wonder why) so seeks revenge on them. The British accent voice-over can get a bit annoying and repetitive but after awhile you just ignore it. Not the greatest game ever created, but it’s fun in a naughty sort of way, plotting how to get revenge and pulling it off.

  5. this game is funnier than s%#t. love it. its like a childs game meets Friday the 13th. graphics are great, story line is funny. addictive game

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