Salona Bichona Checkered Pillows Cover – Reviews & Compare Deals

Salona Bichona Checkered Pillows Cover – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Get creative and connected with this personalized, hi-def, 15.4" widescreen laptop with rich multimedia features. Inside and out, Dell Studio is an inspired extension of you. Experience intuitive interaction with capacitive multimedia keys, which illuminate when touched. Wherever life takes you, Dell Studio laptops can keep you connected. Find a wireless network without even powering up your system with Wi-Fi Catcher. And experience the blazing speed of Gigabit Ethernet.

Dell Studio 1537 Black

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Dell Studio 1537 Black

Dell Studio 1537 Black

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as of March 12, 2019 6:59 am
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  • Intel Core 2 Duo T6400, 2.0GHz,
  • 4GB, DDR2, 800MHz 2 Dimm
  • 250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • # 8X Slot Load CD / DVD Burner (Dual # Layer DVD+/-R Drive
Personal Computers
Dell Computers
Operating System
Windows Vista
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Product Group
Personal Computer
Dell Computers
Dell Computers
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  • EAN: 0884116013334
  • UPC: 884116013334
  • Model: 1537
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Dell Studio 1537 Black, Dell Computers

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  1. I had continual problems with this laptop. Upon arrival the keypad was flimsy and warped, I sent it back and had it replaced with a less warped keypad. The touch buttons never worked right, ever. There is an annoying blue light around the charger plug that ispart of the design. After 8 months the battery stopped working, Dell replaced it in a timely manner. For the price it is fine, but after 18 months it just died out of no where, of course after the warranty was over. My hubby is an electrical engineer said the bios was fried. Out of warranty Dell was useless, I spent an hour on the phone get transferred from here to there and finally just gave up. My replacement laptop is a lenovo sl 510 thinkpad. It doesn’t have the visual oompf of the dell but at least the keyboard doesnt feel cheap and nothing is warped on it.

  2. Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy this laptop. I had a Dell for 4.5 years before this one and that one worked better!! I “upgraded” last year to this 1537 and it has been nothing but a headache ever since. Don’t buy it. I only wish I could rate it less than one star.

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    Labrador Owner from CT August 31, 2010 at 12:00 am

    I purchased this laptop in 2008. I used it mostly for work, and didn’t need the sound features much, until this year when I needed to use a variety of sound-based applications for work (SKYPE was one). The sound output is inconsistent at best – it works sometimes, then quits. Of course, it’s beyond warranty, so I can’t do a thing. There are posts all over the web about the sound problems with the 1537. If this were a car, there would be a RECALL and a FIX. If Dell wants to keep its customer base, these issues should be addressed. No one cares about unhappy customers anymore! I don’t plan to buy another Dell.

  4. unlike the other reviews before me i never had any serious issues with this laptop but i do agree that the sound from laptops are pretty useless. i really like the backlit key option and screen is quite nice. My main purpose was graphic design and it worked exactly the way i needed it to but if i was listening to music the headphones weren’t too far. performance, design and quality are actually pretty good but it is a pretty heavy laptop. the only time i had any issue is when i switch the video via hdmi to a tv back to the laptop the sound doesnt play so i have to set the laptop speakers as default instead of the hdmi but it’s more of an annoyance since it’s not broken. for some reason it doesnt recognize that it’s switching from hdmi to pc. overall it’s a pretty good buy because it’s pretty cheap and there is plenty of software. i stopped using it because i am doing more video editing so i picked up a macbook pro. the laptop can handle basic video editing through windows media maker but for what i needed i had to switch to apple. 🙂 i still keep the dell around just as a backup.

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