Farpoint – PlayStation VR – Reviews & Compare Deals

Farpoint – PlayStation VR – Reviews & Compare Deals
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21 new from $19.99
7 used from $14.84
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Farpoint - PlayStation VR

Farpoint - PlayStation VR

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21 new from $19.99 7 used from $14.84 as of January 13, 2019 1:17 am
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  • Traverse an unnerving alien world as you search for survivors and a way home.
  • Master various weapons - from charged plasma rifles to a railgun - in the fight through packs of...
  • Explore and fight together with a friend in 2 player co-op.
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Farpoint - PlayStation VR

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Farpoint - PlayStation VR, Sony Computer Entertainment

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  1. This game is really fun, plain and simple. The narrative is interesting and makes you want to know more about the characters and what’s going to happen next. Once you finish the story, there’s replayability with co-op and challenge modes. If you haven’t bought PSVR yet, this game is a great reason to do so. Playing with the Dualshock 4 works well, but if you want the definitive experience, get the bundle with the aim controller. There will be future FPS games for PSVR that are going to utilize the aim controller, so might as well get it now if you can. Also, If you experience any motion sickness with the smooth turn setting, try switching it to the small or big-step setting, it worked wonders for me! Happy spider-hunting!

  2. Outstanding game, best VR game by far that I’ve played and that includes Batman and Rush Blood.Really works best with the gun that you can purchase with the game and would recommend this as opposed to buying the game separately. As you progress through the game the complexity of the challenges scales. The guns you have at your disposal scales as well to meet the obstacles and aliens you have to wipe out.You start out with a rapid firing gun and progress to a sniper rifle with a gun sight and later to a shotgun. I am now working with a plasma gun that allows you to use a short acting shield while you fire it, very cool.The aliens include spiders large and small. Robots both large and small on the land and in the air. At my current level I am fighting aliens that spew green blood. The scenery changes as you progress through the game with an ongoing story line of landing on the planet per chance to rescue other human survivors. Expect to battle some bad bosses along the way including an enormous spider.This is an immersive VR game and it just keeps getting better. The latest update includes more levels and challenges. If I gave a number 1-10 with 10 being the best score you could get I would give this game 9 1/2 while Rush Blood would come in at 6 and Batman at 5 it is just that much better.Compared to regular PS4 games VR puts you in the game, the only good analogy I can use for Farpoint is imagine playing Call Of Duty as if you are really running around inside the game. Call of Duty would come in on that 1-10 scale at 6, that’s how much better this game is.

  3. Best PlayStation VR experience in a full length game. You actually feel like you’re on a hostile planet. I look around a lot.The draw back is redundancy…and the simplicity of the game…but its fun and takes an adjustment period of about 30 min. Definitely sit down…I miss my balance twice while standing.4.5 would be my true rating..but we deal only in whole numbers soooooooo. I have it the nudge.Looking for call of duty,,,not here…Looking for adventure with gun play…and target practice..bingo

  4. If you own a PSVR you owe it to yourself to buy this game. This is by far the best PlayStation vr game out there at this time. The storyline is pretty good and the gameplay is just awesome. After this game other vr games have a high bar to reach. The only thing lacking is the multiplayer, it’s only two player coop and lacks other options. But for the vr experience this game is so far the best hands down. You’ll need the PlayStation aim gun controller and camera to fully enjoy the game otherwise I’d skip it if you’re not planning on getting the aim controller.One other complaint is that the camera for this game has to be adjusted higher than normal for it to work and sometimes the hand angles get out of sync with the body and you’ll have to hide the gun behind your back to reset calibration; It’s pretty annoying, but graphics and atmosphere-wise this game is the best I’ve played and I own pretty much every top psvr game that is out there. In comparison, Arizona sunrise looks like crap; you’ve got to appreciate the level of detail they put into making this game look as gorgeous as it does after you look at other vr games.

  5. Farpoint is a great game to be amazed at. I had hoped for a FPS (First Person Shooter) that would be worthy of a VR experience and Farpoint definitely delivers. Thanks to Decathers LLC for shipping the game so quickly and at a great price. I will be doing business with them again and often. I recommend them to anyone looking for games.

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