Nuteez Women’s Paisley Blue, Black Top & Capri Set – Reviews & Compare Deals

Nuteez Women’s Paisley Blue, Black Top & Capri Set – Reviews & Compare Deals
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You love preserving memories, but you're ready for more creativity. More control. More options for capturing unforgettable images. The E-PL3 inspires innovation and is perfect for those who require a versatile, portable camera filled with advanced yet easy-to-use creative technologies. Its high-resolution 3 inches articulating LCD features a new interface that makes it easy to access the effects you want from any angle. Live Chat by Live Person,Professional Image Quality 12.3 MP.The new 12.3 MP Live MOS sensor is optimized to maximize the performance of all m.Zuiko digital lenses in any shooting condition. Improvements to the sensitivity and read-out speed of the existing sensor makes ISO 12,800 shooting and Full HD movie recording possible.STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE BODY, NOT IN THE LENSES Say goodbye to blurry images. Olympus in-body image stabilization technology makes it possible to use any Micro Four Thirds lenses (or Four Thirds lens), from wide-angle to telephoto, for...

Olympus Pen E-PL3 test

test video of auto focus for Olympus pl3 lens: 14-42mm tripod:no, hand held lighting:none, natural light location: blue monkey hostel Phuket, Thailand Camera ...

Olympus PEN E-PL3 14-42mm 12.3 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 3x Optical Zoom (White) (Old Model)

Olympus PEN E-PL3 14-42mm 12.3 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 3x Optical Zoom (White) (Old Model)

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$389.00 1 new from $389.00 1 used from $298.00 as of January 14, 2019 6:18 pm
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  • 5 FPS Sequential Shooting
  • Advanced Continuous AF & Tracking
  • Full 1080 HD Video shoot up to 29 minutes of 1080 60i HD video and stereo sound in either AVCHD...
  • New 3D Shooting Add a new dimension to your photographs in any mode from macro to landscape with...
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Olympus PEN E-PL3 14-42mm 12.3 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 3x Optical Zoom (White) (Old Model)

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Olympus PEN E-PL3 14-42mm 12.3 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 3x Optical Zoom (White) (Old Model), Olympus

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  1. Updated February 19, 2013:2 things to mention.1 – I recently got the Olympus FL-600R flash, which while bulky with this camera will allow you much better control over light. Also the FL-600R flash recharges very quick so you can quickly take multiple pictures using the flash as opposed to the kit flash which is slow. Definitely a recommended add on that will allow you much more flexibility in using the camera. I definitely find myself getting better pictures much quicker (especially indoors) with the FL-600R as compared to the kit flash (or just due to the kit flash being too slow using no flash).2 – I still wish this camera would perform better at high ISO settings, like at 1600 (even 800+). I have a lot of night or low light pictures where flash is not desired but due to the camera sensor not dealing well with ISO 1600 these pictures tend to suffer (i.e. could not use adequate shutter speeds at ISO 1600 without underexposing too much). For the most part I am happy with the pictures I get but I still would very much like better ISO performance. I knew this when I bought this camera, but at least now there is the E-PL5 and OM-D which should both have more than adequate ability to deal with high ISO settings. Meanwhile I am holding off on upgrading, especially now that the new flash has helped improve things, but if buying now and deciding between the E-PL3 and the E-PL5 I would choose the 5 as the extra ISO capability will make the camera a more versatile performer with the kit lens and in low light. One more thing about this, if I took a picture at night and want the effect of darkness to be noticeable, then by using a flash it kind of lights up the area too much making it look like daytime, whereas using high ISO can help capture the nighttime feeling but at the same time giving a sharp image with good color reproduction.Original Review August 1, 2012:I bought this camera about 1 month ago before going on vacation. In addition I bought the 20mm Panasonic Prime Lens, the 45mm Olympus Prime Lens, the 40-150mm Olympus Zoom Lens, and the VF-2 viewfinder. I had wanted to step up from my previous point and shoots (Panasonic Lumix Camera) as I was very disappointed with how they performed indoors and in low light situations. For well lit places any camera will get a decent picture so for me, who was not interested in pixel peeping, that was not the major concern.After using the camera for a month my dislikes are as follows:1 – Unless you switch to a prime lens in low light situations you are risking the ISO going to high for good pictures. The ISO on this camera should probably be limited to 400. I think you can get away with 800 ISO as well, but if you want to zoom or crop the noise will be noticeable already. If you want the micro 4/3 and are willing to spend a bit more the OM-D E-M5 is supposed to be much better at this. Alternatively the Sony NEX cameras have much better ISO performance, but my feeling was that the lenses on them are too large and make the camera too bulky for what I was looking for. For the most part the camera will perform fine even with the stock lens in low light situations, it just won’t be perfect. It still is better than any point and shoot (maybe the new Sony RX-100 would perform better if you are only getting this with a stock lens). If you use the prime lenses then the low light performance is excellent, as the ISO will stay way down. The problem is that you have to busy switching lenses, but isn’t that the point of ILC’s?2 – No grip on camera. You can buy aftermarket grips but holding this camera would have been greatly improved had the added a bump for gripping in the front.3 – If you want to use A/S/M modes you have to be careful that you are changing the correct settings. I sometimes adjusted the exposure control when I was trying to adjust the Aperture. There is probably not much that could have been done to improve this as there is limited space for controls due to the small size.What I like about this camera:1 – Size! It is a fraction of the size of a DSLR. With the 20mm lens attached it is actually pocketable. With the stock lens you will not get it in a pocket, but that is what point and shoots are good for, but they lack the versatility and performance of this camera.2 – Prime Lenses – With the prime lenses this camera really performs well. The one down-side to the sensor on this camera is it does not perform well at high ISO settings. With the prime lenses the ISO is kept down and the pictures are very clear, sharp, well colored, bright, etc. With the Oly 45mm Prime lens this camera is a super performer. I compared pictures taken on a safari ride where I took pictures of animals with this and with my old point and shoot. The pictures were taken during daylight. The pictures with the Oly 45mm Prime, came out so much sharper then the pics from the point and shoot. Even if the point and shoot could have zoomed much closer than the prime 45mm lens, since the pictures from the prime 45mm lens came out so much sharper, I could still crop and zoom them several times, which means I would get a much better result than a super zoom point and shoot. This is obviously talking about a picture where things are moving, a scenery shot where everything is still, this would be less apparent. However the telephoto lens for m4/3 will outperform a point and shoot.3 – RAW shooting and full camera setting control – Although most shooting with this camera will be in auto mode, there are times when I want to customize the settings and I appreciate having the ability to do so. Also RAW shooting allows you to customize the results on the computer, better than any camera processor could do.Final thoughts – If I had to make the decision today, I would still go for the m4/3 camera. To me it is the smallest format that allows for the versatility and performance that I wanted. Even a camera like the Sony RX-100 which is the best point and shoot out there, still is limited once you start zooming. The m4/3 allows you to have the zoom with high performance as well. All in all you can cover every photo situation in a good way. My only dilemma is whether I should have gone with the OM-D but overall I think I prefer this camera due to the small size.

  2. I love this little camera! I shoot a Canon 60D with an assortment of lenses and have also been using my iPhone 5 camera (8MP) a lot in last year, but I have been thinking of purchasing a high end compact (P&S) camera that had a hot shoe and shot RAW. However, the $500+ price tag on those I was considering was a turn off. Having heard so much about the micro 4/3 mirrorless cameras, I decided to investigate them. When I saw I could get this Olympus PEN E-PL3 (silver) for only $259 my decision was made! I got what I had been looking plus more: interchangeable lens camera with incredible customization possibilities along with larger sensor (=better resolution) than a P&S, flash hot shoe, RAW format capability, small and light camera yet easy to handle.I was a bit concerned that I was buying a camera model that was already two years old with two newer models of this line already out, but I need not have worried. Though – with experience so far – images at ISO 1600 and above are not great (but I’m still learning how to get the best out of this camera!), I am otherwise very happy with image quality and sharpness. And, unfortunately, I am already – after owning the camera only one week! – lusting after other lenses for it! I am, however, happy with the range of views the “kit” 14-42mm lens offers me. I am also very pleased to see that I can use my old Canon lenses with my new PL3 as well. Along with the camera I purchased an inexpensive adapter that allows me to mount the 50mm, f/1.8 lens (FD) from my old (1972) Canon FTb camera, as well as any other FD lenses I can find to purchase cheaply. With that success, I decided to go ahead and order a more expensive ($115) adapter so I could also use the small collection of Canon EF lenses that I currently use with my Canon 60D. Have not received that yet, but look forward to seeing how those lenses work with the PL3.I’m documenting my experiences at[…]

  3. I really like this camera and decided to keep it instead of the EPL5 which cost twice as much. It takes very sharp pictures and handles outdoor conditions well. Indoors is another story. I took some indoor pictures and at first they look very sharp but blow them up a little and the noise really kicks in. I would say flash or a tripod will be a necessary for the kit lens indoors. I’ve got some great shots of flowers and bees close up. There is a small clip on flash included that even has it’s own velvet bag to carry it in. The battery charges outside the camera in a charger with a heavy plug in cord. There is a strap included also. I thought the Olympus was very well built and has a control knob on top to go to the different settings. There are a lot of menus to go through in set up and to use but I don’t need a lot of them so I can live with that. I leave the screen setting at Macro so I just click to screen and hit ok and I’m in . I think you can make the menu as complicated as you want but I keep it simple. I’m still trying all the different features so I can’t comment on a lot of them. I still haven’t tried video yet because my main thing is stills. I have a canon sx50 that takes pretty good videos so I’ll try later. I got this camera for $259 and it’s a great deal. Hard to spend $499 on the EPL5 when this one works so well. I’ ll buy a better lens later with that money. Olympus has some great lenses that are within reach.

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