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Bausch & Lomb B&L_U4Clear-7.00 Yearly Contact Lens – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe Japanese Format (NTSC-J). Box,package,
PS3 Macross 30 The Voice that Connects the Galaxy Import Japan

PS3 Macross 30 The Voice that Connects the Galaxy Import Japan

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61 new from $50.30 21 used from $24.38 as of March 12, 2019 6:56 am
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Namco Bandai Games
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PS3 Macross 30 The Voice that Connects the Galaxy Import Japan

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PS3 Macross 30 The Voice that Connects the Galaxy Import Japan, Namco

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  1. I will make this short but even though I do not like import games this is still worth getting I have no regrets. After a week of play and unlocking most of the planes to build this game rocks. I really hope a sequel comes out in Japan. There are menu translations floating around the internet for those of us who cannot speak or read Japanese. These help allot.The only thing missing from this game besides a space map or two is pvp. It would be awesome and pretty crazy to have about 16 to 32 of us on the same map going at it. The combat is incredible. Soon I will be flying around with the black/yellow version of one of the original Valkyries off of Macross that Roy Focker used to fly on ultimate difficulty. Even though it’s not the best plane if you fully upgrade the version 3 of it and flown right you can beat almost anything in the game. This takes skill though because I hear the ultimate difficulty is extremely hard that’s why they gave us version 3’s of the planes to build so we can do it.Almost gave it 4 stars for lack of pvp but decided not to. I’m sure when I get to ultimate difficulty soon the dogfights will be pretty hard to almost impossible but I will know soon enough.It’s an absolute shame that somehow HG still owns international rights to Macross; it’s pretty much destroyed it outside of Japan. Because of this we will never see an English version all the we have ever gotten here is Macross butchered to a version called Robotech but it’s better than nothing I guess. Too bad Macross has been getting resurgence in japan in the past 6 years and the only way we can experience it is to import everything.I recommend buying this, get out of your comfort zone and import it it’s the only way you will be able to play it.

  2. So a lot of games will sit there and tell you that they are based on your favorite television show, or movies. This game has got to be the best example of capturing every little nuance about said show or movie you could imagine! From the sudden Missile Storm, reminiscent of the Macross universe, to the most amazing and emotion churning songs done by some of the most famous anime ‘Divas’ you can think of, Macross 30 will keep you playing over and over again!Having access to ‘Valkyries’ from across the various shows and movies, from the origins short series ‘Macross: Zero,’ to the 25th anniversary show ‘Macross: Frontier’ as well as at least one new fighter built specifically for the game, you can watch as it grows! Most of your favorite characters return for the game as well and the best part about it is, all but one of the voice actors have come back to reprise their roles (let me amend that to all but one of them if my research serves me right)! Familiar enemies even return, from Zentradi Regult Battlepods, to Vajura, including a few appearances by a very old nemesis will keep you wanting to see just when they will pop up next. Control schemes are solid, graphics are wonderful, and an all-star music selection rounds out the amazing qualities of this game.The only fault…its in Japanese and Japanese only. Unless you can speak or read the language you wont get to understand much of the story, but the characters individual facial expressions as well as background music cues make it a little understandable. It is also hard to understand the side missions and items usefulness as well, but fortunately there is a near perfect translation guide available if you search for the Red Shoulders translation guide.Even with the language problem, this game is a must have for any Macross fan! Since its on PS3, it also avoids the worry of Regional coding by being blu-ray which should eliminate any worries about playing it on your stock system!Cheers everyone, and enjoy!

  3. I loved the PSP Macross games and looked forward to seeing how they fared on a console. The game gets kind of bogged down with fetch quests and material gathering if you’re shooting for completion, but the story’s not too bad and it’s still fun to play. I’d probably side with the PSP games if you’d rather have a more action-oriented experience with more machines to choose from; Macross 30 is more about exploration and treasure hunting than dogfighting, no matter what the frequent patches of enemy mobs might lead you to believe. I give it four stars as a Macross fanboy and was willing to sit down and play with a translation guide on the side, but I’d probably knock one star off if you’re just wanting to blow stuff up and zoom around.

  4. To play this game, if you don’t speak Japanese, you will need to print out a FAQ and keep it beside you. I discovered Macross (as Robotech) in the early 80’s when I stayed home sick from school with laryngitis. It aired weekday mornings at 8am, long after I would normally have been in school. From that day forward I taped every episode, bought the comico comic book adaptations, and the toys. I won’t get into the politics involved, but Harmony gold sliced and diced the series to meet their needs, then blocked the later Macross spin off series from being shown and sold in America. That doesn’t stop a fan. I bought most of the games, imported Macross 7, Zero, and Frontier on dvd, and finally got Macross 30.And Everything on the screen is in Japanese!That also doesn’t stop a fan. There is a brilliant walkthrough written by other fans online with a full translation. It is playable, but it is a lot of back and forth between the translation and the game screen at first. Once you figure it out, the game is amazing fan service. It’s just sad that with all the subbed anime and Japanese games I have played over the past 30 years that I still can’t read or speak a lick of Japanese. Oh well!

  5. WOW! Wish it were in English, but after a few hours you get the hang of the buttons and what not. Google translation of this game and there is someone who has a Google Doc that REALLY HELPS!!! Tells you what the buttons are for, a few key things from the game. Ohhh and arrived like a WEEK early. I was super surprised when I got it!

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