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FlashAir integrates 'Storage' “Server' 'Access Point' functions within an SD memory card, creating minimal wireless environment.
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Toshiba FlashAir W-04 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

Toshiba FlashAir W-04 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

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$53.75 2 new from $53.75 2 used from $31.50 as of February 11, 2019 9:17 pm
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  • Capacity - 16 GB
  • Speed class - UHS-I Speed Class 3
  • Wireless LAN standard - IEEE 802.11 b/g/n(2.4GHz SISO, 20MHz)
Personal Computers
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PC Accessory
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  • EAN: 4547808808330
  • MPN: THN-NW04W0160A6
  • Model: FlashAir
  • Part Number: THN-NW04W0160A6
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Toshiba FlashAir W-04 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card, Toshiba

Price: $53.75 out of stock as of February 11, 2019 9:17 pm  
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  1. I got this for a 3D printer that I built and after much Google-fu and recompiling Marlin a few times, I finally got it working how it should. I had to kinda go around the software and edit the config file to be able to have drag and drop functionality. It takes a while to detect on my network and data transfer speeds are incredibly slow, but I guess it beats swapping an SD card back and forth. If you are using this for the same purpose as me, I recommend using your slicer to export gcode to your hard drive and then move it over to the SD card wirelessly instead of trying to slice gcode straight to the SD card. I had to reformat the card a few times before I got things right. Not an experience I would want to repeat again, but once I got it working I am happy with it.

  2. So a few years ago Toshiba bought this technology from the company that made EyeFi. EyeFi was great, it was always on, you could have the card download only certain files and more. For instance you could shoot both in RAW and a medium format JPG then send the JPG to your iPad (or other wifi device) as soon as the shutter button was pressed.With this card, if you can get it to hold the password, gives you no choice, no options whatsoever. You have to download the files manually. Nearly every time I log into it I need the password, and it’s never the password I set in the app. It’s extremely fustrating to use.

  3. 07SEPTEMBER2018This Toshiba W-04 16Gb wi-fi card just saved me about $6,000 as I do not have to replace my two Nikon D700 DLSR;s by buying two Nikon Z-6’s, to get wi-fi (not to mention thousands in new lenses!j).I had three objectives to update my two Nikon D700 DLSR cameras (circa. 2009) to the wi-fi era using the Toshiba W-04 16Gb Wi-fi card. For the NIKON D700 BE SURE TO PURCHASE A CF-1 TO SD CARD ADAPTER BECAISE CF-2 ADAPTERS ARE TOO THICK FOR THE NIKON D700.DUE TO THE FACT THE CARD HAS A SUB-DIRECTORY (FOLDER) WITH A TOSHIBA CONFIG FILE, LIKELY NECESSARY TO ENABLE WI-FI TO WORK, DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD IN THE CAMERA, INSTEAD SELECT DELETE ALL PHOTOS TO AVOID DELETING THIS CONFIG FILE. COPIED THE TOSHIBA CONFIG FILE FOLDER OF THE CARD TO MY DESKTOP COMPUTER, IN CASE I ACCIDENTALLY DELETE IT, I CAN COPY I BACK TO THE CARD.If you have trouble finding updated drivers for the card as the instructions cite a website no longer in use, just Google Toshiba Flashair Drivers.The first and most important consideration was to be able to download photos to an Android device to allow quick and easy sending of Nikon Photos almost anywhere without getting to a computer, which this Toshiba W-04 wi-fi card did quite easily, with the limited instructions provided (download FLASHAIR App to the smartphone from Google Play for Android devices). Some people have posted on the Internet that the metal body of the Nikon D700 did not facilitate connections to a smart device via wi-fi, I did not have that problem. I had to change an option on the Nikon D700, the C2 option, to extend the time the camera remains “active” to allow time to connect, browse and download photos to the smartphone. Not sure why, but the Flashair APP on the Phone REQUIRES the user to enable GPS on the phone in order to connect to the camera.The second objective (which this card allowed) was to at least have a more easily accepted card, SD, instead of the CF-1 used by the Nikon D700, to make it easier to download photos to almost to any computer as most laptop and desktop computers (Windows user here) have an SD card reader built in. Mission accomplished.Third, I had hoped to be able to connect the Toshiba W-04 16Gb Wi-fi card wirelessly through my home router to avoid having to remove the card, HAVE NOT GOT THIS TO WORK yet. Although my Router was able to “see” the Tosbiba W-04 16Gb Wi-Fi card and let me logon through the Windows Network selector, I was unable to map to it in Windows File Explorer. I have found some instructions posted by individuals about how to edit the CONFIG file on the Toshiba W-04 Wi-fi card, and though I possess the skills to do this, it appears you would have to edit the config file for each network as the SSID and Password have to be manually saved onto the card (although I think I found instructions for editing the config file to allow read/write which mean that entering the SSID/Password on a computer, might save it to the card.

  4. To start out, if I could give a review with negative stars I would!I used the product for a month and it worked fine, then the card somehow failed and was unreadable in any of my cameras. I called the Toshiba customer service to see about warranty replacement and I was told they don’t provide replacements for this product. They do a RMA in the form of a Visa gift card with a value based on the current market price of the card (which will probably be less than what I paid for the SD card)! I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my “gift card” to arrive!I also called a different number for Toshiba tech support to see if I could get the card working somehow! The person who answered was the same person from the warranty department! I guess they only have one person working there!I paid $32.15 for the card. When the gift card arrives I’ll update my review to let everyone know how much they refunded me.I hope someone from Toshiba reads my review. I want them to know that their failure to support their $32 product has cost them a customer. I will probably never buy another Toshiba product again because of my experience with this item!Update 11/15/18I got my gift card refund today. They gave me $30.00.

  5. I was trying to use this as a wireless SD card for my 3-D Printer (so I didn’t have to run SD cards back and forth, nor string a cable between my computer and my Printer). It is advertised to work for that scenario, but it really doesn’t. The setup program doesn’t let you configure things the way you need to so that the SD card is a “member” of your home network. I was able, after much tweaking, to get it to work, but it would sporadically go into a read-only mode. I’m not very impressed; what I have right now is a very expensive SD card.It works fine if I’m willing to let the SD card have its own SSID, but that’s a pretty awkward configuration to work with.

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