LAPIS-O- LUPO rushed Oa 31 L Laptop Backpack – Reviews & Compare Deals

LAPIS-O- LUPO rushed Oa 31 L Laptop Backpack – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Panasonic's Lumix DMC-GH2 is the latest member of the New Generation System Camera Lumix G Micro System. Fully compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard, the Lumix G Micro System combines a downsized body with advanced functions that achieve both high performance and operational comfort.Featuring an intuitive touch control, the new DMC-GH2 boasts its world’s fastest level Light Speed AF of approx. 0.1 second to capture the subject in spur-of-the-moment in sharp focus 1. The key components, including the sensor and the image processing engine, are totally refined to achieve even higher performance of the camera to render a stunning image with high resolution, beautiful gradation and high sensitivity.

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In my opinion, for its price, the Panasonic LUMIX GH2 has mind-blowing qualities. However, if you have a higher price range between £800 - £2000 then the ...

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 16.05 MP Live MOS Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-inch Free-Angle Touch Screen LCD and 14-140mm HD Hybrid Lens (Black)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 16.05 MP Live MOS Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-inch Free-Angle Touch Screen LCD and...

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$1,195.00 1 new from $1,195.00 1 used from $359.99 as of February 12, 2019 10:17 am
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  • Compact, lightweight design for ease of use and portability
  • 3-inch Free-Angle Touch Screen LCD for intuitive touch-control shooting
  • Kit includes 14-140mm HD Hybrid Lens; high-quality photos in 3D with optional lens
  • 16.05-megapixel multi-aspect Live MOS Sensor , Micro Four Thirds format camera
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Excellent Condition. Long standing member at Four Thirds forum.
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14-140mm Lens Kit
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  • EAN: 0885170024243
  • MPN: DMC-GH2H-K Black
  • UPC: 885170024243
  • Model: DMC-GH2H-K Black
  • Part Number: DMC-GH2H-K Black
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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 16.05 MP Live MOS Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-inch Free-Angle Touch Screen LCD and 14-140mm HD Hybrid Lens (Black), Panasonic

Price: $1,195.00 out of stock as of February 12, 2019 10:17 am  
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  1. I have been shooting professionally since the 1990s. Most of my camera bodies have been Canon, and my most recent ones have been Canon 5D MkII, of which I own and still use two. The Canon 5D MkII (“5d2”) is an excellent camera, capable of fantastic results, and while it’s considered to be ‘compact’ compared to other professional bodies (Canon 1Ds MkIV, Canon 1Dx, Nikon D4, etc), it’s still quite cumbersome to carry. Even the consumer oriented Canon and Nikon camera bodies can be quite heavy, especially when carrying more than one lens.Enter the micro four thirds format (m43). Early in its history, image quality was decent but left lots to be desired. Lens selection was poor. They were slow to focus and respond. And they were expensive for what they were.m43 today is an entirely different story. Fast, compact, a respectable range of lens choices, and reaonably priced. And while not up to producing image quality of full-frame dSLRs, it can certainly hold it’s own against many dSLRs with APS sized sensors (Canon 7D, 60D, Nikon D7000, Canon G1X, Sony NEX series, etc).I owned an Olympus EPL1 for some time, and felt that the image quality was quite good, especially for the compact size. Now that I own a GH2, all I can say is WOW!!! The GH2 is fast and responsive, and the 16MP sensor is a huge improvement over the 12MP EPL1. Sure the GH2 is a little bigger than the EPL1, but it’s negligible. Plus the GH2 is much nicer to hold, and I have small hands. Go to the camera size website and see for yourself (google it; amazon doesn’t allow links).The GH2 is a winner in many ways. The video is produces is pro-quality. Many independent filmmakers have turned to the GH2 for its ‘film-like’ quality. Search around on Vimeo and see some of the GH2 footage for yourself. Clearly AMAZING.The best thing about the m43 format is it’s size. Especially the lenses. Many of my most used Canon lenses weigh anywhere from 1 to 3 POUNDS! The heaviest m43 lens I own weighs a few OUNCES. Check out the various pancake lenses out there.I used to use my Canon gear for 100% of my professional work. Since getting the GH2, I only use the Canon gear for about 70% of my professional work. As I get more m43 lenses and a lighting system, that percentage will surely shrink to the 50% range. For my non-professional work (travel, social snaps, etc), the GH2 is my go-to camera. It’s such a JOY to use.

  2. I switched from Canon to Nikon when the D90 was launched specifically for the video capabilities. In hindsight, I should have stuck with Canon and stepped up the the 5D, but that’s history.Nikons are tough to beat for still photography – my D3s are still go-to cameras for paid stills work, but I got tired of waiting for Nikon to take video seriously, so I invested in several GH2s.The video quality produced by the GH2 is simply amazing. I never got around to hacking mine and never felt the need to do so. I’ve shot green screen and the footage holds up nicely in post. With wide aperture lenses, you can do low light work. You won’t get FS100 or C300 level clean low light footage, but then this camera costs a fraction of those units. The GH2 works in situations where my previous camcorders would dare not venture.The 25mm Panasonic/Leica lens is my favorite for interviews on this camera.Two main gripes with the GH2: 1) No headphone port means no ability to monitor incoming audio. 2) Batteries drain quicklyAudio is so critical to video work, that you need the ability to monitor it while recording. Relying on the meters is not enough – you could be recording static. This happened to me on a job once. Fortunately, I had two cameras rolling so I was able to use the 2nd camera’s audio. Since then, I always used an external recorder. Shame really, because the GH2’s internal audio is quite good – better than what Canon DSRLs offer, so I’ve read.Battery drain is more of a convenience issue, and I always have a ton of spares on me. But, if you’re rigged up and on sticks, you might have trouble swapping batteries quickly. Pain in the ass if you’ve got several people waiting to be interviewed. I did buy the A/C adapter, but haven’t used it yet – laying down an extension cord seemed the greater evil.I have since upgraded to GH4s. I enjoy the improved ergonomics and 4k quality, but the GH2s were smaller and lighter. If you’re on a budget, the GH2 is still a great option for video work.Still photos are passable. I still prefer my Nikons for stills.

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