Valta Starter Kit – Overview, Tech Specs, Ratings & Reviews

Valta Starter Kit – Overview, Tech Specs, Ratings & Reviews
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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Standby Power Detection; Easily customizable; Intuitive Design; Always in Sync; Great Connectivity This is a wonderful kit to walk you into the fascinating physical world! Details like module description, principles and code are provided by experiment on the corresponding page in LEARN on our website. Also you can watch related videos. The kit includes some basic tutorials like blinking an... Gigi introduces the brand new student starter kit. Students will now be able to practice correct waxing techniques using professional grade products. The kit contains everything a student needs to practice and perform a complete waxing service.

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Valta Starter Kit Remote Energy Management System With Valta's Auto Detection System & Scene Setting Valta Starter Kit Remote Energy Management System With Valta's Auto Detection System and Scene Setting ...

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Valta remote energy management system automatically detects un-used devices, identifies energy waste, and notifies you to help you save.

I love my Valta Starter Kit! Now the problem seems to be getting them to move on and create additional units to add onto the system.I got Valta a few months ago and have seen some energy savings. But more than anything, I love the convenience of being able to turn things on and off. I've tried several other systems, and none seem to work anywhere close to as well as this product does. I've yet to have any kind of connectivity or function failure.One of the things I like most is that the system revolves around an app that can be upgraded to add more features over time. The potential for it is endless. So why downgrade it a star? Simply because they say it will handle up to 16 units, but you can't even get to 3 units. New units are just not available, and it has been awhile guys. Adding a new package would probably take an upgrade to the app and the desire to get it done. But there's only so much time that you can put promises out there and still hold credibility. Valta needs to take care of the needs of customers they already have, even if it means slowing down the acquisition of new customers for a product that is consumer ready, but a product line that is not.At this time, I still recommend the product, and two units will get you started. However, how long I will continue to make that recommendation is entirely in the hands of the Valta people.
ByPapadoc - August 2, 2015
Honestly, I've been looking at technology like this for a quite a while but most of them come with expensive home security systems and require a monthly service fee.Valta took less than 10 minutes to set up and, after only a week, I've started to see the benefits. Who knew my home theatre system was wasting $10-$15 each electricity bill, just while I was at work each day? Valta doesn't just show you how much energy you are consuming, it shows you detailed stats like time of day, day of week (I love the graphs and charts - great presentation on both the app and the website). The Scenes let you program in seconds when to turn things on and off (the user interface is super simple).Hopefully, Amazon will start selling expansion packs and larger kits. I definitely will pick up a few more outlets for around the house. It's crazy how much energy is wasted when I'm not even home! I never gave it much thought but when it's this easy to change, why wouldn't you? Plus, it's pretty cool to turn something on and off from my iPad!
Papadoc - February 8, 2014
Just got my Valta Yesterday here in Mexico, set up was super easy, everything just works, now I am monitoring my various equepments to see their consumption and take appropriate actions...just waitin to be able to buy the single sockets as soon as they come out....I think it will be in April...
ByMichael Dunwoody - February 25, 2014
Many of the reviews on Amazon seem to be outdated (including some marked as most useful). It appears the manufacturer has made some improvements over time. For example, many reviews said that there was no printed booklet. The kit did in fact have a printed booklet and all parts were as advertised and worked perfectly. There is no longer a CD, which is actually a good thing. The sun founder website is great and has the code easy to copy and paste along with forums to post questions and Sunfounder appears to actively respond to posts. Much better than having to deal with a CD. The instructions are limited to the projects and do not include things like downloading the Arduino software or troubleshooting the Arduino board itself (such as how to manually install drivers if needed). Some reviews seemed upset by this. I don't think it is a big deal since there are many videos online and a simple search on how to set up Arduino gives you tons of info. But you should be aware that it assumes you have set up the Arduino already and know how to set up the software and the Arduino board, as well as how to compile and load a program (all explained on the Arduino website). The extent of my programming knowledge was one class 20 years ago, so I am basically a beginner. I was able to do all of the projects and had a lot of fun figuring out how to modify each of the projects (both the electrical and programming). This is a MUST if you want to learn anything. Just following the pattern and doing a copy and paste on the programming won't get you very far. As stated, this does NOT include the Arduino itself, so make sure you buy one separate.
ByNathan B Orton - January 9, 2016
There are some nice little components included in this kit!***Pros***1.) Great Jumper cables (you can never have enough of these right?)2.) love the breadboard. Crucial for any electronics enthusiast3.) Includes a USB cable, and a good one at that. Those of you familiar with Arduino will know they are notoriously known to hardly ever include a USB cable with the device. So its nice to get one in such an inexpensive kit.4.) The Dot matrix is great, realistically worth about half of the kit's entire price!5.) The L293D is included and is a nice chip to have for any part's bin6.) Nice variety of resistors, transistors, switches, a couple potentiometers, diodes, capacitors, decent number of LEDs, a motor and a few others things.7.) No electronics workshop is complete without a 555 timer (I actually received 2 of them), an optocoupler and a shift register (2 are indeed included).8.) Great LCD screen included! Easily an 8 dollar screen.9.) And now for the Pièce de résistance of the entire set: ***THE ACCELEROMETER!!*** Just plug it in and you're ready to go. Good quality and responsive. Considering that an accelerometer at RadioShack is 38 dollars, the fact that you're able to get this chip for 2 dollars (once you figure out the cost of everything in the kit) is astonishing. It's seriously worth it to buy the kit for this part alone.***Con***1.) Just one: There are absolutely no paper instructions included with this kit. There's a parts list, a resistor color chart, and that's it. If you're tech savvy and knowledgeable in the field then this is non-concern. If you're a novice then go to the linked website in the product description. I do electronics as a hobby and am by no means an expert, so believe me, I went to that website more than once (o:Anyway, if you're thinking of buying this. DO IT! You'll love it!
Nathan B Orton - May 26, 2014
The included components have more or less been as advertised. Ran into a few of the male-to-female wire connectors that didn't have a proper female end on them, but there are so many provided with the kit that it wasn't an issue. I do like the component case that came with the kit. It has removable dividers so the compartments can be adjusted however you like.Particularly annoying for me, though, was the guide information and tutorials to practice using the kit. For each project, the manual provides a picture of the setup and a wiring diagram. Unfortunately, the pictures are rather low quality, and there is no table or diagram to confirm which elements are connecting to which pins on this or that. Additionally, some of the components shown in the pictures are not quite the same as what is provided in the kit. For example, the LCD screen is shown in the pictures to have pre-soldered wires on it, while the actual device does not have these wires. It makes the device a little difficult to use because, though it provides holes, they are not the same pinching style as the breadboard, so the wires that are provided cannot easily be secured. Additionally, the tutorial code to be used does not include much in the way of comments of explanation of what's being done. It does have some information, but doesn't seem particularly comprehensive.The components are great to tinker with, but for being listed as a "starter kit" I feel like there could have maybe been a little more hand-holding.
BySean_chem - March 17, 2016
In a typical month I would pay $10 each time I would go to get my eyebrows waxed (not including the tip). I would go about two times a month and although that doesn't seem like a lot of money, over time it adds up. I was getting tired of paying for something that I could do myself, and possibly do better. Not knowing anything about a wax warmer more less the different types of wax and what all I needed, I decided to do some research and google the best wax warmer machine. I went to several different websites and the Gigi Student Starter Kit all came up #1. I checked on Amazon and read the reviews. I decided to purchase the kit. Gigi's student starter kit has seriously changed my life! With the starter kit, you receive everything that you need to get started waxing yourself.I don’t particularly know all the different waxes out there but the wax that comes in the kit is, according to my research, one of the best waxes to use for waxing. It is extremely sticky. The first time I used it I got it all over me. I used the wax off lotion that came in the kit and it did get off the majority of the wax. What didn’t come off came off in the shower the next day. And that wax off lotion smells really good! I cut the muslin strips to the size needed for whatever I was waxing because I didn’t want to waste them. It took about 25-30 minutes for the wax to warm up so I was able to use it. I was really nervous about waxing my eyebrows the first time but everything went smooth and my eyebrows turned out great!As stated in other reviews, I as well would HIGHLY recommend ordering extra wax warmer collars to protect your warmer from getting wax all over it.And lastly, I’ve never waxed my legs before so I decided to try it out. I’m not going to lie, it hurt like hell! I’m hoping the more I wax my legs, the less pain I feel. However, I can tell a HUGE difference when I waxed them vs. shaving. With shaving, the hair starts growing back within a day or two. With waxing, it was close to a week before hair started growing. So, I’m a huge fan of waxing my legs, minus the pain, of course!Overall, I highly recommend Gigi’s starter kit. Once again, you will receive everything you need to get started. The warmer itself is plastic but well-constructed plastic. So, as long as you don’t throw it, you should have it for a long time. I’m very happy that I purchased this kit and I give it a A+ rating!!
ByLeslie - December 29, 2016
Long story short, my eyebrows grow in very differently. One grows in almost a straight line, with very little to no arc, while the other one has a very nice natural arc and needs little maintaining. There was only one guy, by my old job, who was able to do my eyebrows perfectly and get them as close to even as possible. However, two years ago, I left my job and no matter who I went to, nobody could do them like he did. After two years of traveling over an hour to see my eyebrow guy and getting frustrated with looking for parking, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I've always been interested in doing basic waxing, especially because my husband gets his eyebrows done too, although he has way better eyebrows than I do.Between the both of us, we spend anywhere from $40 to $60 a month on just our eyebrows. That's more than this kit!! I was so excited to try this out. I had the door open before the UPS guy could even ring the bell. To be honest, I went wax crazy!! I was only planning on doing my eyebrows because even though I get Brazilians, I was not planning on trying that myself. But I did my eyebrows and I had so much fun, I decided to try my armpits (OUCH!), bikini line (Why is there wax on my back?), legs (how do people do this for a living!?). By the time I finished, I had wax all over me, my bathroom floor, sink, bathtub, it was crazy. But I was happy and even though it looked like a lot of wax, the container didn't even look used.While I give the overall product five stars, I'm going to give a quick rating for each of the main products:Warmer: 3 out of 5 - It look over an hour for the wax to melt and it never seemed to get to a good temperature. I didn't want to wait any longer, but I'll probably have to start the warmer close to two hours before I'm ready to wax.Wax: 4 out of 5 - While I have never used wax before (only have had it used on me), I felt like this wax was just way too sticky and very stringy which is why it ended up EVERYWHERE. However, it didn't irritate my skin, no matter where I put it and I haven't had any break outs on my face, which some waxes tend to do to me.Pre Hon: 5 out of 5 - I am in love with this product. I put it on before like it said and I feel like it made waxing my eyebrows just that much better and very painless. I don't really like to put oil or lotion on my face unless it's really dry so I used this after I finished my eyebrows and I was very happy. Within an hour, the swelling, redness and itchiness was gone. Usually it takes 6-12 hours for my face to go back to normal.Pre Epilation: 5 out of 5 - I always wondered why my waxers would put baby powder on me and it's supposed to help soak up any extra oils and make the waxing process smoother. I used this for my eyebrows and it really help make it easier.Wax off: 3 out of 5 - As I said earlier, I had wax everywhere and somehow there were big chunks. This is really good just for some excess residue, but if you had chunks like I did, you might as well spend an hour in the shower using a scrub brush.Slow grow: N/A - I'm really iffy about oils on my face, but I am going to give this a try. However, since I haven't had the product long enough to see any results, I'll have to come back with an update.If you average out the individual stars it's 4 out of 5 stars. However, as a beginner, I think this kit is great. Really easy to use and is saving me money so it can gladly have 5 stars. I would just suggest, for those who don't have much experience, try to buy another wax off bottle (I used just about half the first time) and some Brillo pads, it really helped get the wax off of some of the surfaces without much effort!!
Leslie - April 13, 2016
I've wanted a wax for quite some time but never had the guts to go to a salon. I finally decided to look for a diy waxing kit and after comparing several products and reading over reviews, chose this one. Best decision ever! This kit works for armpits, arms, legs, and bikini waxes.The kit is perfect for beginners but a couple of things to take note of:-The wax warmer works great but can take some time (about 15-20 minutes for me) to heat up the wax.-There is a slight odor from the wax but no big deal.-The wax is very sticky and can get very messy! So make sure you are naked and have something underneath your work space because the wax is very hard to get off.-The muslin strips are not that strong. They do not catch the wax very well when your hair is long and will just cause unnecessary pain.-The Wax-Off they give you to remove the wax after you're done is not effective. You need large amounts of it to rub off excess wax. I would recommend using warm water and baby oil instead to remove excess wax.Other than those things, I would definitely recommend this product!
ByJaye - November 15, 2014

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